When Mercedes Ron wrote the “Culpables Saga,” she believed enough in the story to know it would reach large audiences. Did Ron ever think “Culpa Mia” would end up on home screens globally via Prime Video? Well, she sure didn’t doubt it. 

The Argentine author got her start in 2015 writing her stories on Wattpad, an online platform that allows users to read and publish stories.

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“At first, only my family would read my stories. Then, the audience started growing and eventually Penguin Random House wanted to publish my books,” Ron told mitú

Culpables trilogy and publishing deal

Following her trilogy deal with Penguin Random House — which saw her publish the saga: “Culpa Mia,” “Culpa Tuya,” and “Culpa Nuestra” — Ron’s first book “Culpa Mia” was picked up by the streaming giant, Prime Video.

“I studied media in school, so seeing my books on the big screen is a dream come true.” And yes, we can agree that’s exactly what author dreams are made of. 

Still, the success didn’t come from one day to the next. She spent nearly two years trying to publish the story via traditional publishing methods.

“I would receive rejection letter after rejection letter from publishers,” says Ron. “In those moments it’s tough to keep going, but I really believed there was an audience for my story.” That’s when she turned to Wattpad, grew her audience, and the result was… a sizzling, action-packed romantic drama. 

She admits “Culpa Mia” was inspired by similar thematics in Taylor Swift’s video “I Knew You Were Trouble,” meaning tension, troublemaking and plenty of steaming scenes abound in this must-see step-sibling drama, now available on Prime Video. 

And one of her other major inspirations? The “Twilight” trilogy that had us all running to see Edward Cullen on-screen circa 2008. Same, Mercedes. Same.

“Culpa Mia” is now available on Prime Video

Undoubtedly, Ron’s story is an inspiration for Latina authors who are writing and dreaming big — and especially those who want to see their stories on screen.

So, it only makes sense to ask… what’s her advice to aspiring Latina authors?

“I would tell authors to believe in themselves and use every platform out there. Wattpad, TikTok, there’s so many resources online. Take advantage of them and build your audience,” she says. 

“Cupla Mia” premiered on June 8, 2023 and is currently available on Prime Video.