An independent designer who goes by The Chubby Chicano revealed he designed the popular pair of pants worn by Becky G after the singer tagged him on Instagram. Becky G, who has more than 36 million Instagram followers, brought in more than 1 million likes on a picture of her wearing The Chubby Chicano’s one-of-a-kind creation.

The singer posted the image on the same day as her Coachella set, where she also wore not one but two noteworthy outfits on stage. However, some people only care about getting their hands on a pair of those pants.

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Meet The Chubby Chicano, the designer behind Becky G’s Coachella pants

The Chubby Chicano took to Instagram to share more about the story behind the pair he made for her. Since all the clothes are handmade, he explained on Instagram, no two pairs are exactly the same.

He also revealed how nervous he was to reach out to the singer at first. In a photoset comprised of 10 pictures, he posted a screenshot of the original DMs he sent her. Before he knew it, Becky G was wearing the Chubby Chicano’s pants at Coachella and showing them off for everyone to see.

The next few images in the photoset show Becky G wearing the pants in various Instagram stories and social media posts from her time at Coachella. He even included a repost of a TikTok praising Becky G’s outfit. Basically, everyone is going crazy over these pants, and for good reason. There was nothing else quite like them at Coachella.

The designer seems more interested in custom designs at the moment

With little contact info, website, or name on his Instagram page, it looks like The Chubby Chicano is keeping things quiet for the time being. Prior to Coachella, he made an appearance at the World’s Worst Expo in Sacramento.

And an unspecified swap meet:

We did some extra digging on The Chubby Chicano and found out he appeared at ThriftCon in LA last year. He also showed up at the San Diego Vintage Flea Market in 2019. It’s possible that DM’ing him is your best bet if you want a Chubby Chicano original.