Anitta Is Back On Netflix With A New Documentary Showing The Woman Behind The Persona

Anitta is arguably the most famous woman in Latin America. Her music has made her a global superstar and her fanbase is always growing and loyal. The Brazilian funk artist continues to climb and reach for the stars and a new Netflix documentary is taking viewers deeper into her world.

Anitta is official back on Netflix.

Larissa de Macedo Machado, known as Anitta, is a Brazilian singer who has become a global powerhouse. The woman who has mobilized millions of people to listen to her music is letting fans get a more intimate look at her life in a new documentary. The Netflix original documentary “Anitta: Made In Honório” is taking a look at Larissa and the work she puts in to make Anitta the legend she is.

Fans are getting emotional over the new docu-series.

The trailer shows the unbelievable rise to stardom that Larissa fought so hard to make happen. Fans and viewers will see Larissa breaking down and fighting through it to always become better. The singer, who first broke into the scene in 2010, has inspired countless artists and celebrities around the world who look up to her.

Will.I.Am refers to Anitta as the ambassador of funk to the world.

You really get a sense of the work that Anitta puts into her career.

Larissa takes no breaks when it comes to making sure that everything is working the way it should. Her exhaustive attention to detail is compelling as you see her literally handle everything from the dancers’ entrances to the lighting on stage. She doesn’t leave anything up to chance. It is easy to see that Anitta deserves the success that she is enjoying.

This is Netflix’s second documentary on Anitta and it is just as compelling.

Anitta is someone that can fascinate a crowd and keep everyone’s attention. Few artists are able to do what she does and she does it so well. These docu-series takes you deep into the mind and work that Anitta does to become a once-in-a-generation artist.

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Top 10 All-Women Collaborations in Latin Music


Top 10 All-Women Collaborations in Latin Music


In honor of Women’s History Month, Latido Music has lined up 10 of our favorite all-women collaborations in Latin Music. In no particular order, here’s 10 girl-power anthems that we should be bumping all year long.

“Sin Pijama”

Mexican-American singer Becky G flipped the script on the antiquated idea that two women couldn’t get a hit together when she collaborated with Dominican reggaetonera Natti Natasha. Their fun and flirty music video for “Sin Pijama” has racked up over 1.8 billion on views on YouTube, outpacing some of top reggaetoneros. Following the success of this knockout duo, collaboration among women in Latin music has been on the rise, and we love to see it.

“Tick Tock”

Mexican pop icon Thalía has been one of the top proponents for all-women collaborations. She became the first Mexican female artist to score a billion a views on YouTube with “No Me Acuerdo” featuring Natasha. On 2018’s Valiente album, Thalía also teamed up with Argentine pop princess Lali for “Lindo Pero Bruto.” Last year, Thalía joined forces with her Latin Music Queens co-stars, fellow Mexicana Sofía Reyes and Colombian rapper Farina, for the empowering “Tick Tock.” The trio of women didn’t have time for any foolishness.


Trini-American superstar Nicki Minaj got all up her in reggaeton gig on Karol G’s “Tusa.” She was even singing a bit in Spanish with the Colombian reggaetonera. Last year, Minaj had everyone, even the guys, singing, “Ahora soy una chica mala.” This was a regal bop fit for two queens and they wore that crown well. The song also garnered Minaj her first Latin Grammy nomination. That’s the power of “La Tusa.”

“No Al Aguacil”

One overlooked all-women collaboration is Mexican goddess Gloria Trevi’s “No Al Aguacil” with fellow Mexicana Paulina Rubio. The song was never released as a single (thought it should’ve been one) and it’s buried in Trevi’s 2011 album Gloria. Very much reflecting the early 2010s, “No Al Aguacil” is an electro-pop moment that these pop icons served with plenty of girl power.


In 2019, Argentine pop princess Tini came through with one of the best collaborations of the year. For kiss-off anthem “22,” she teamed up with Colombian singer Greeicy. Tini, who was turning 22 at the time, was not going to let any heartbreak rain on her birthday celebrations. Greeicy served as another voice of reason for why crying over that guy would not be worth it. This cumbiatón moment was everything.


Last year, Spanish star Lola Índigo recruited Mexican pop princess Danna Paola and Chilean singer Denise Rosenthal for “Santería.” Each woman adds their own flair and attitude to this bubbling pop cauldron. Like the Charmed sisters, the power of three is real here, and together these women serve a spellbinding collaboration.


Argentine pop princess Lali teamed up with Argentina’s top woman in Latin trap, Cazzu, last year. The alluring “Ladrón” was a moment of girl power that highlighted the talent in their country. The two women united in turning the tables on a no-good men. “You wanted to play me… the one that’s playing you is me,” Lali and Cazzu sang together.

“High” Remix

Last year, rising Argentine singer Maria Becerra upped the girl power of her breakthrough hit “High.” For the all-women remix, she teamed up with Índigo and her compatriot Tini. Together, they also upped the angst factor on this mesmerizing, trap-lite bop.  

“La Rueda”

Ivonne Galaz and Natalie López are making way for women in the male-dominated corridos tumbados space. As the two women signed to the Rancho Humilde record label, they teamed up for “La Rueda” on last year’s Corridos Tumbados Vol. 2 album. What a moment to hear two Mexicanas find strength in each other’s stories of overcoming the struggle. Galaz and López tap into an emotion in the genre that the guys can’t touch.

“Modo Turbo”

Three Brazilian queens joined forces for last year’s “Modo Turbo.” Anitta and Luísa Sonza aligned with drag pop superstar Pabllo Vittar. “Fasten your seatbelt / Turbo mode,” Sonza encouraged in Portuguese. They certainly took their fans for a wild ride with this fierce and stellar collaboration.  

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Anitta Posts Bikini Photo After Arcángel Says Women Should Cover Up


Anitta Posts Bikini Photo After Arcángel Says Women Should Cover Up


Anitta hit back at a misogynistic post by Puerto Rican rapper Arcángel. After he said on International Women’s Day that women should act like ladies by not showing their bodies on social media, the Brazilian superstar posted a picture in her bikini with a powerful message.

What a machista message to send.

In a post in his Instagram stories, Arcángel felt the need to let out this ignorant message. On a day that was meant to empower women, he did the exact opposite with his antiquated views.

“They want to be respected as women… bla bla bla!” Arcángel wrote in Spanish. “But they’re showing their butts on social media for likes. Women who behave are distinguished, and are classified as ladies.”

Anitta was not having it.

Anitta collaborated with Arcángel last year for her song “Tócame.” After she saw his post that was demeaning women, she unfollowed him on Instagram and posted a photo of herself. “This is me showing my butt on Instagram,” she wrote in the message. Anitta continued in her post about the double-standards women face where men are allowed to degrade them yet women are shamed for embracing their bodies.

“You can use a woman’s butt in your videos and explicit lyrics to get views,” Anitta wrote. “But at the same time you say women who own their BUTTS on social media do not deserve respect? I am confused. Happy Women’s Day. [Women] deserve respect with or without their butt out, be it on Instagram or in the music videos of men who think there must be one type of woman to exploit for what suits them and another type of woman to be yours. Peace, love, and consistency.”  

Other women in Latin music applauded Anitta’s post. Jennifer Lopez wrote a laughing face emoji. Natti Natasha, Lali, Cazzu, and Danna Paola offered messages of support. Karol G hit like on the post. Men like Ozuna, Diplo, Carlos Rivera, and C. Tangana also showed their support for Anitta in the comments.

Someone take away Arcángel’s phone.

After seeing Anitta’s post, Arcángel did a fail of an apology to women and to singer in his Instagram stories. “Anitta, I love you,” he said. “There’s no one who is a bigger fan of your butt than me. I always hit like on your photos and on your butt.” Insert face palm here.

Anitta and Arcángel talked it out.

In her Instagram stories, Anitta said that she refollowed Arcángel on Instagram and talked to him on the phone. She adds that he was open to listening and learning from her.

“[A message like] this changes the life of women in general,” Anitta said. “Especially from a person who has influence over the opinion of a lot of people, including young men. To all the men in the industry: Women need to be free to do what they want to do with their bodies and their lives.”

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