Critter’s Criticism Of Netflix’s New Fresa Series, “Desenfrenadas”

What would life be without a steamy hot Mexican “fresa drama series? That’s like eating sopa de vaso con tu pinche dedo. Osea, que asco, guey.

Recently San Netflix, the patron saint of streaming, blessed us con un chorro de series featuring the lives of Mexico’s posh upper-class, known as las fresas. Y neta, guey, watching these shows is like kissing in the rain con chile serrano lip balm. O sea, es next level ecstasy, beh-beh.

If you have to ask, “Pero, Don Critter, what are these “fresa” television programs you speak of…?” obvi, estás enfermo, guey (you’re sick, bro), and you need to rub some vapuru on your forehead. You know damn well what I’m talking about. Shows like:

“La Casa de las Flores” (The House of Flowers)

La Casa de las Flores / Netflix

“Made In Mexico”

Made In Mexico / Netflix

And my latest obsession — and the subject of this new review…

“Desenfrenadas” (Unstoppable)

Desenfrenadas / Netflix

If you’re not finding “Desenfrenadas” on your Netflix, it’s because you’re Netflix is probably set to “pocho” and has re-titled the series as “Unstoppable. No judgment. I’m pretty pocho myself. My Spanish is trash and probably sounds the way these people speak Spanish: 

But let’s dig into this plate of a papas con chorizo, fam.

“Desenfrenadas” is a hidden gem you definitely need to have on your radar. It may remind you of HBO’s “Girls” but brown.

Girls / HBO

It’s like if the series “Girls” and “Breaking Bad” ripped into some bottles of tequila at a Oaxacan nightclub and snorted a line of some illegal substance, sweat-danced past sunrise, and woke up in each other’s arms the following day in a Mexican Motel-6 craving pancakes and menudo. 

That’s “Desenfrenadas.” Interested?

A huevo! Put on your quarantine pants, because it’s time to meet the characters of the show and become better acquainted con las locas that you’ll be spending your next few nights with. 

Girls / HBO

[Don’t worry. I don’t do spoilers. So calmate las chi-chis, guey.]


Desenfrenadas / Netflix

Rocio is the leader of the fresa pack. It has nothing to do with her having the longest hair. I had a theory that’s how fresas choose their leader. La que la tiene más larga leads. But, no. I’m wrong. She’s honestly the most level-headed one. She’s studying to be a surgeon and following in the footsteps of her dad who happens to be a renowned surgeon. Oh, and her family lives in a big-ass Mexican “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”-like mansion built on rich doctor money. Heeeeeey!

The really interesting thing about Rocio is that she’s haunted by a ghost from her past… 

No cabrón…not like that. But a Fresa horror movie isn’t a bad idea (™)… 

In episode one, we learn that Rocio’s sister passed away. The show leaves her death a mystery (until closer to the end), but her death constantly follows Rocio around and is the main motivation behind Rocio deciding to take a spontaneous trip with her two besties who wanna get tequila lit “hasta el pito” in Oaxaca. 

Rocio’s journey is about finding her own path. She’s definitely a Walter White-type. Osea, muy badass.

Breaking Bad / AMC

Her entire life has been pre-determined by her family. She’s supposed to finish school, take on her father’s practice and marry un pinche preppy watered-down dish soap version of Justin Timberlake named “Juanpi.”

This is Justin:

This is Juanpi:

Desenfrenadas / Netflix

And this is me trying my best to tell them apart: 

The Office / NBC

But everything changes when Rocio decides she’s going to join her fresa compañeras on a trip of “Hangover” proportions. You’ll have to tune in to see how things turn out for our fearless long-haired leader. 


Desenfrenadas / Netflix

Carlota’s axilas peludas (furry armpits) are possibly the most popular character on the show considering how much screen time they get. In the words of Edgar, from “La Caida del Edgar,”…”Ya Guey!”  Don’t get it twisted. I’m not offended by hairy female armpits. But I get it. Carlota has hairy pits. 

That said, Carlota is my favorite character. She is a buck wild feminist, the voice of reason, a “woke-ass-fresa,” who, despite seeming carefree and liberated, often hides in her own shell and becomes recluse. Also, she looks a lot like Hannah from “Girls.” Like, un chingo, guey!

This is Hannah:

Girls / HBO

This is Carlota:

Desenfrenadas / Instagram

Still me…unable to tell them apart:

The Office / NBC

Carlota is by far the best dressed in the series. Her clothes look like she washed a bunch of tween girl outfits, but instead of shrinking, they’ve expanded into an adult woman’s size. And👏she👏does👏not👏give👏a👏f***👏. Even though on the outside, Carlota seems to have a “me vale verga” attitude, she has a few really vulnerable moments in the show. Yas!!! These are the characters I live for. Complex characters with depth and dimension who still pull off bucket hats. Carlota is definitely la tortilla hecha a mano that keeps her friends (the other ingredients that make up a taco) together. 


Desenfrenadas / Netflix

Does anyone remember Cher from the Movie “Clueless?”

Clueless / Paramount Pictures

Yeah, her.

Vera is Cher, pero menos pendeja, and with a fierce attitude.

Desenfrenadas / Netflix

She’s posh and glitzy, but if you don’t respond to her text message or you accidentally sneeze on her Gucci bag valiste caca.

Vera’s best quality is her ability to surprise you with how pinche fresa she can sound. Neta, guey, her fresa talk is on point and you’ll find yourself speaking with a papa en la boca for weeks before it wears off. En serio beh-beh. Why do you think I’ve been sprinkling fresa-isms throughout this review.

That’s leftover Vera. I’m not even mad at it. Low key, I like it

Dumb and Dumber / Universal Pictures

But more than her acento fresa, Vera is the most ride-or-die friend. She does some crazy sh** in the series to protect her friends. Even Dominic Toretto would be like: 

“That fresa is wild” — Dominic Toretto (fake quote). 

Make sure to look out for Vera’s amazing character development. She might come off as a bratty rich girl, but the show goes deep into Vera, pero you don’t even know, beh-beh.


Desenfrenadas / Netflix

Marcela jumps into the story out of nowhere. She isn’t part of the friend gang. Maybe her tattoos and the Virgen de Guadalupe crop top give that away…so no, she is not a chica fresa. She’s a girl from the hood mixed up with what my mom would call, “mala gente.” I can’t get into detail about Marcela without spoiling major plot points, but she is definitely a gangsta with a ton of layers to her. I want you to picture Jesus Christ in your mind. While you’re doing that, imagine he has two big-ass guns in his hands and a cigarette in his mouth. That’s Marcela. 

So, should you watch “Desenfrenadas?” 

Nacho Libre / Paramount Pictures

¡A huevo! Unless you’re taking a trip to Oaxaca soon that suddenly takes a ton of twists and turns and changes your entire perspective of the world, then yes, you should definitely watch this show — because it’s as close to that as you’ll get. “Desenfrenadas” is an incredible show with beautiful writing, character development, visuals, and acting. Every night, my wife would look at me and say, “Wanna watch fresas?” 

“You’re damn right I wanna watch fresas tonight.”

Enjoy the show and please let me know if you guys have any recommendations for future shows to review.

Adios mis beh-behs. Keep your armpits dry and your nalgas plastered on the couch.


Here is the trailer because if I didn’t help you make up your mind, this will:


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Reports Of A New Series Depicting The Life Of Frida Kahlo Has The Internet Asking All Sorts Of Questions


Reports Of A New Series Depicting The Life Of Frida Kahlo Has The Internet Asking All Sorts Of Questions

Getty Images

There are few people in this world that are as iconic as Frida Kahlo. She’s captured the minds and imaginations of generations of people from all over the world. We’ve seen her story told before, including on the big screen, but fans have long awaited a Netflix rendition of the artists unique story and now it seem like we may finally be getting what so many of us have wanted for so long.

The Frida Kahlo Corporation is developing a TV drama series based on the artist’s storied life.

Acording to a report by Deadline, the Frida Kahlo Corporation is working with a media company and famed Venezuelan composer and singer Carlos Baute to produce a drama series following the life of the iconic artist.

Frida Kahlo has inspired and influenced fans around the world and has had a major impact on the Latinx diaspora, the art world, feminism and culture as a whole. So, it seems that producers are pulling out all the stops to make sure they do right by the artist.

The series is being written by Latino talent, lead by Joel Novoa and Marilú Godinez. Novoa, who has worked on Arrow, Blood and Treasure and the feature film God’s Slave is attached to direct. The partnership will create a slate of content to celebrate the life of Frida Kahlo in different genres.

“The idea is to talk about what the books don’t,” said the writing duo in a joint statement. “The subtext behind each painting, the richness of Mexico’s 20th century and the revolution. Themes that are incredibly relevant at this unprecedented time.”

Carlos Dorado of the Frida Kahlo Corporation added, “Frida Kahlo corporation is always looking for talented people who know how to exalt the life of an icon like Frida Kahlo. In this case the professional team that has been formed is distinguished by its great professionalism, experience and most importantly the sensitivity to be able to approach a project as important and transcendental as Frida Kahlo. This high professional team will always have the support of Frida Kahlo Corporation.”

So when can we expect to see a series about one of the world’s greatest artists and feminist icons?

The team expects to start production of the series during the second half of 2021. A studio has already shown interest and the presentation of the project to the market is expected to occur in February.

“We are currently developing and writing the basis of the series and expect to be ready to present the project in the upcoming weeks,” the team said in a statement.

Also, why has it taken so long?!

Should the series find a studio and distributor, this would be the first drama series focusing on Kahlo in recent history. It’s been almost twenty years since her story was told on the big screen, when Salma Hayek portrayed the icon in the 2002 film Frida. That film went on to earn six Oscar nominations, winning for Best Makeup and Best Original Score. More recently, Kahlo was voiced by Natalia Cordova-Buckley in the Oscar-winning Pixar pic Coco. 

In addition to this, in 2019 it was announced that there would be an animated film about the painter.

But fans of the iconic feminist and artist have long hoped to see a TV series depicting her larger than life personality and role in shaping the world we live in today and it looks like we may finally get what we’ve asked for.

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New Netflix Docuseries Explores The Summer The Night Stalker Terrorized Los Angeles


New Netflix Docuseries Explores The Summer The Night Stalker Terrorized Los Angeles

Bettmann / Getty Images

Richard Ramirez, a.k.a. The Night Stalker, spent the summer of 1985 terrorizing Los Angeles. Ramirez murdered 13 people during his reign of terror in Southern California. Netflix’s new docuseries is exploring the crime by interviewing law enforcement and family of the victims.

“Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial” killer is now streaming on Netflix.

“Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer” is the latest Netflix docuseries diving into the true crimes that have shaped American society. Richard Ramirez is one of the most prolific serial killers of all time and single-handedly terrorized Los Angeles during the summer of 1985.

Ramirez fundamentally changed Los Angeles and the people who live there. The serial killer was an opportunistic killer. He would break into homes using unlocked doors and opened windows. Once inside, he would rape, murder, rob, and assault the people inside the home.

The documentary series explores just how Ramirez was able to keep law enforcement at bay for so long. The killer did not have a standard modus operandi. His victims ran the gamut of gender, age, and race. There was no indicator as to who could be next. He also rarely used the same weapon when killing his victims. Some people were stabbed to death while others were strangled and others still were bludgeoned.

While not the first telling of Ramirez’s story, it is the most terrifying account to date.

“Victims ranged in age from 6 to 82,” director Tiller Russell told PEOPLE. “Men, women, and children. The murder weapons were wildly different. There were guns, knives, hammers, and tire irons. There was this sort of feeling that whoever you were, that anybody could be a victim and anybody could be next.”

Family members of the various victims speak in the documentary series about learning of the horror committed to them. People remember grandparents and neighbors killed by Ramirez. All the while, police followed every lead to make sure they left no stone unturned.

“Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer” is now streaming on Netflix.

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