11 Mother’s Day Gifts That Only A Latina Mom Will Understand

Latina moms are really something else. They raised us on tough love with their regaños that sometimes made us scratch our heads because their sayings like “No tienes madre” and “Hija de tu madre” made absolutely no sense to us. But as mom yelled as us at the top of her lungs with a chancla in hand, we knew she would end her sermon with “te lo digo por que te quiero.” While we might not agree with everything she said or did, we can all agree that the love we have for mom is special. Regardless if you call her ma, amá, mama or mami, we only have one mom and she deserves to be treated like the queen that she is on Mother’s Day. 

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Though we might not be able to hug mom this Mother’s Day due to social distancing orders, mitúShop has an entire collection dedicated to our mamacitas. If you place your order by April 27 your mom will have a special gift delivered to her doorstep (by her new favorite kid) by Mother’s Day. 

So, be sure to celebrate your mom A toda madre with these items from the mitúShop.

Chisme With Mom Hits Different Tee


There’s chisme with your coworker, then there’s chisme with your best friend, then there’s chisme with mom. Now you know chisme with mom means laughing at las viejas locas but also soaking in all the advice she has to offer. 

Chisme With Mom Hits Different Mug


Over a hot cup of cafecito, chisme with mom is on another level. 

La Reina De Todo Tee


Mom might not always feel like a queen but in your eyes, she rules the world. Remind her that she is in charge of the entire queendom with this ultra comfy tee. 

La Jefa Mug


We are going to petition that Los Tigres del Norte create a song called “La Jefa de Jefas” because we know who the real boss is around the house. In the meantime, we have this mug to serve as a reminder. 

Mujer Tee


There are infinite names we use to refer to the woman who raised us. No matter what you call her, they are all terms of endearment encapsulated in this tee that your mom will surely rock with mucho amor. 

Mujer Mug


If your mom is more of a mug type of mujer, we have that available as well. 

Mamá Didn’t Raise No Mensa Tee


Mamá should be proud of the strong and independent woman she raised, after all, you take after her. With this shirt, she can let the world know her daughter no tiene nada de mensa. 

Nadie Me Ayuda En Esta Casa Tee


Always a top-seller, this tee always makes moms laugh as soon as they pull the shirt out of the gift bag. We guarantee this will make your mom laugh as well. Warning: this shirt might come with a side of a regaño. 

Esta Casa No Es Hotel Poster


How many times have you heard this? If you’re tired of hearing your mom say this, just get her a poster to hang on her wall so she doesn’t have to repeat herself anymore. 

Quiero Nietos Tee


Another phrase mamá doesn’t tire of saying is that she wants grandkids. With this tee she won’t have to verbally say que quiere nietos, she can just wear it and stand in front of you… or your sibling. 

This House Was Built On… Canvas Print

Chanclazos and quehaceres are a strange way for Latina moms to show us they love us but among that, nunca faltó el amor. This canvas print will serve as a reminder that though a lot of tough love is involved in our upbringing, we know the love was real and we wouldn’t have it any other way ❤️.

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Fall May Be Coming, But mitúShop’s Newest Collection Is Sure To Keep You ‘Cozy!’


Fall May Be Coming, But mitúShop’s Newest Collection Is Sure To Keep You ‘Cozy!’

I don’t know about you, but in my humble opinion that means the best days are almost here. You know, the rainy ones when you stay tucked away under a heavy cobija San Marcos all day and, if you’re lucky, you can hear the rain falling outside as you enjoy some sort of sopa or caldo, recalentado. Mmmmmmm. To have a proper lazy day, you need the proper outfit; like some joggers and a beanie in case you need to run out for a snack, or a sweatshirt that tells the world how you really feel. mitúShop’s newest collection is here and it’s everything you need for your fall look. Que cozy!

Poderosas can have lazy days too.

 In fact, they deserve them the most! We see you, jefas, putting in all that work day in and day out. This weather is a sign that you needed to kick back and enjoy chill. But first, start your day off with some té or cafecito in your new favorite mug, you’ve earned it Poderosa. 😉

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Your Fall 2020 sweater staple

Who doesn’t love a good burgundy sweater? The Que Cozy sweater comes in the perfect fall colors and it’s warm enough to keep you toasty. Que más quieres?

“Que Cozy” sweater is also available in dark heather grey. Shop here.

Maná was onto something when they said “Me Vale!”

Like we were saying, if you end up having to leave the house it’s most likely for a snack emergency. Who has time to do their hair in a situation like that? Cover your lazy day hair and simultaneously let people know you don’t really care because they shouldn’t be judging you anyway. Shame on them!

“Me Vale” beanie is also available in white, click this link to shop!

When the unexpected happens, remember to keep your cool…

No pos wow! How could you forget the snacks to begin with? At least these joggers will keep you comfy no matter what surprise trips you have to go on. But let’s hope not too many, there’s a cobija waiting for you at home.

Joggers also come in heather gray. Check them out here!

Don’t forget your reusable bag!

The only reusable bag you need for your weekend trips to get the mandado. Get this for yourself or your favorite swap meeter, because who doesn’t love taking their time through the swap meet and coming up on great deals?

Shop the new Swap Meet Tote here!

What’s better than caldo on a rainy day?

If anyone asks what you’re having for dinner, point to the window and tell them the 3 words anyone will understand: “It’s Caldo Season.” Whether it’s sopa de res or gallina, pozole, menudo, or something even better, there’s nothing like a steaming bowl of hot sopa on a rainy day. Provecho!

Check out our new “Caldo Season” tee!

Well, we’ve got everything we need for a lazy day! Now if only we could get some rain…

P.S. – This is only a taste of the entire collection, there’s plenty of other designs and products you have to check out!

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