The ancient art of tattooing has evolved significantly, embracing innovative techniques, styles and formats. Skilled artists now use these to craft diverse designs that immortalize passions and identities.

Today’s tattoo studios are vibrant spaces where creativity thrives, producing lively and lasting masterpieces. But sometimes, being inventive in the tattoo world makes for an interesting story.

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Sometimes unique tattoos can come at an unexpected price

“I have always loved art and drawing but it’s difficult to make a good living creating and selling your own pieces,” Chris Hernandez tells mitú. “My parents always made me aware of this from a young age which is probably why I looked into becoming a tattoo artist.”

Reflecting on his experiences as a tattoo artist, he remembers his amusing encounter with a QR code tattoo.

“A customer walked into the tattoo store with an unusual request. She wanted me to tattoo a QR code onto her wrist that, when scanned, would take people to a website that she had created,” Hernandez recalls.

Adding, “It turned out that she was an artist and had created a virtual gallery of her work that people could access through the QR code. She thought it would be a unique way to showcase her art and make it more accessible to a wider audience.”

From hours working on the design, to being precise with his line work, everything seemed to be going seamless for Hernandez and his client. Suddenly, both crossed a minor challenge.

Check once, twice, three times

“In the end, the tattoo turned out beautifully, and the customer was thrilled with the result. To test the QR code, I scanned it with my phone, and instead of seeing an art gallery, I was presented with a food menu,” he remembers. “It turns out she had sent me the wrong QR code for the design!”


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Hernandez remembers panicking, thinking that he had made the mistake. He was instantly relieved after realizing the customer had given him the wrong QR code.

While the customer may have been frustrated with her own blunder, the situation became so absurd that laughter was the only natural response.

An important lesson for the future

Despite the humorous mishap, Hernandez maintains an open-minded perspective on QR code tattoos.

“I think it is really creative and seems like something out of a sci-fi movie when you scan your body,” he states. “I would definitely do another QR code tattoo! The only difference is I’ll definitely scan the QR code before tattooing it.”

Since then, the customer with the QR code tattoo has had it recently corrected. The tattoo mishap caught Hernandez off guard. However, it has only fueled his enthusiasm for embracing innovative and imaginative tattoo ideas.

With each experience, he hones his skills and deepens his understanding of the artistry involved. Also, ensuring that his clients receive exceptional tattoos that reflect their unique stories and aspirations.