Legendary Puerto Rican music executive Raphy Pina spent his 44th birthday in a federal prison cell yesterday, all the while he serves his 41-month sentence.

The former producer and manager to Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha took the chance to post on Instagram about his current life, including the jail conditions he is experiencing.

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Pina was sentenced in May 2022 to more than three years in prison for illegal possession of firearms, which came as a shock to his fans and loved ones alike. He faces time apart from his wife Natasha, their 1-year-old baby Vida Isabelle, and his children from a previous marriage Mia, 17, Rafael, 16, and Antonio, 14.

The days after the sentence were a rough ride for the music executive, who was hospitalized with high blood sugar on his first day in federal prison in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, Pina’s attorneys reportedly filed a notice of appeal with the law team, explaining they requested Pina to “be allowed to remain free on bond during the appeal process.”

Nonetheless, Pina remains in prison for the time being, and his latest post on Instagram shows the conditions.

Spending his 44th birthday in prison, he posted a photo of himself behind bars, starting his caption with: “44 years old today, far from how I ever thought or imagined I would be celebrating it, and in the most unusual way in the world.”

While the music manager said he would usually celebrate his birthday with his children, family members, close friends and his “love” Natasha, he went on to describe the federal prison conditions he is currently experiencing in Guaynabo. 

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Pina wrote, “I’ve had the same uniform on for six days… [no] healthy food, zero drinking water.” Even more, he explained, he has no electricity nor air conditioning, even though he is serving his sentence in Puerto Rico in the middle of summer.

The famed manager still explained that he is thankful for being “alive,” has the “most beautiful family in the world,” fans that pray for him and his health.

In a message seemingly towards his haters, he said that people should learn to “build” upon themselves rather than judge him.

Writing in another post that he will “never stop fighting” for his family, it’s clear Pina is taking adversity and turning it on its head. Additionally, he announced his new YouTube series “¿Quien Es Raphy Pina?” yesterday, with the first episode focusing on his beginnings. 

As one Instagram user commented, “People criticizing Pina [but he is] making money from jail 👏🏾👏🏾💪🏾.” 

Still, this time has been extremely difficult both for the music executive and his family.

According to Univision, his wife Natasha posted a live video on TikTok about what they are going through. She said, “I want to show the love of my live, Raphy Pina, that he has a woman by his side that has learned from every step, every moment.” She continued, “This is a moment to… keep going and to be strong.” 

Per the outlet, the “Sin Pijama” singer also posted an Instagram story from outside the prison, captioning it with, “My date every night.” She also added the song “Otro Mundo,” her collaboration with Mambo Kingz and Pina Records, her husband’s label.