In a case that is sweeping the Latin music world, music producer Raphy Pina was just sentenced to 41 months in prison for illegal possession of firearms.

The Pina Records founder and husband of singer Natti Natasha was found guilty of the charge back in December 2021, and just received his official sentencing today.

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While Pina’s lawyers requested the producer receive parole instead of a prison sentence, federal judge Francisco Besosa instead opted for prison plus a $150,000 fine. 

Right before receiving his sentence, Pina, 43, told reporters outside of the court that he was feeling “positive” and that the strongest thing he has is his family who is “with him, in the good times and bad times… even if the sentencing includes jail time.”

His wife and “Sin Pijama” singer Natasha added, “he has prepared us for everything. With God, we have all the faith… I trust he will come back.”

She also said Pina will always be the father of the child they share together, 1-year-old daughter Vida Isabelle.

Pina is known for managing artists like his wife Natti Natasha, Plan B, and Daddy Yankee, the last of whom also shared his thoughts on the case before the producer received his sentence. Yankee said, “I’m here supporting the family, and my friend… [I am also] obviously protector of his family… he’s worried.”

“Aquí estoy apoyando a la familia, a mi amigo, estoy en calidad de amigo y de, obviamente también, cuidador de su familia… hemos estado hablando con él, obviamente pues ustedes lo han visto a él, por su naturaleza está preocupado.”

Pina was on house arrest since being found guilty in December 2021, and has spent the last five months awaiting sentencing with a maximum of 20 years of jail time. Over on Instagram, he posted a video explaining that he has spent a lot of time with his family (with a quick appearance by wife Natasha), and thanked fans for “their prayers.” 

The producer told his followers: “I feel thankful for all the support you’ve given me… everyone knows who I am… what I’ve dedicated myself to for the last 20 years.” Just two days before the sentence, Pina posted several photos and videos celebrating his daughter Vida Isabelle’s first birthday. He captioned a video of the birthday party with, “a life with purpose.” 

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Just before his sentencing today, the music mogul also posted on Instagram about his father, saying that he suffered a stroke on this same day 22 years ago.

Marking the same date as his own sentencing, Pina said his court appearance would be “yet another test he had to face.” As per Un Nuevo Día, Pina’s father died just four days after the stroke. 

Pina will turn himself into authorities today, faced with leaving his family behind for the time being: wife Natasha, 35, daughter Vida Isabelle, 1, and his three other children, Mia, 17, Rafael, 16, and Antonio, 14.

The producer explained: “I’m going to reorganize everything. My team knows what they need to do… no one is prepared for [this], but I feel positive.” 

He also sent a special message to youngest daughter Vida Isabelle: “today is not a goodbye, because I’ll come back when you’re awake and I’ll give you lots of kisses. I love you.” 

Pina was convicted of one count of possession of an automatic weapon and one count of possession of firearms by a person convicted of a felony, after being indicted back in August 2020. 

The producer pled guilty to money laundering and fraud back in 2015, making him a convicted felon, and was therefore prohibited from possessing firearms. Still, police found one modified-to-automatic Glock pistol, Model 19, 9mm caliber, one Smith & Wesson, Model SD40, .40 caliber, and 526 rounds of live ammunition in Pina’s possession “on or before” April 1, 2020 when they searched his home in Caguas Real.

The FBI search came after two shootings that occurred in 2019 in his Caguas music studio, and in the Coliseo arena after Daddy Yankee’s concert in December of that year.  

Still, Pina affirms he will fight his sentence.

He said, “today I’m going to prison, but I’m going to come back and fight for my rights,” adding, “this business isn’t about drug trafficking, or money laundering. They investigated me in 2018… they couldn’t prove anything.”

Meanwhile, his lawyer María A. Domínguez explains they will appeal the sentence because of certain “errors” made during the trial.