Bad Bunny and his uber-popular album “Un Verano Sin Ti” just made history (again) marking the first time in the history of the GRAMMY awards that an album entirely in Spanish has been nominated in the category.

With his megastar status, there is probably no place in the world where he can travel without being recognized by fans anymore. But can you imagine running into him at the airport?!

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That’s what these ingenuous fans experienced when Peruvian Bad Bunny impersonator Luis Labori appeared at the airport in Lima, surrounded by a fake security crew, a fake fan club, and a real TV crew.

It turned out the “social experiment” was part of a segment for a Peruvian TV show called “Al Sexto Dia,” where they wanted to know how normal people would react if they randomly saw someone famous.

The result? Even the staff working at the airport and some flight attendants stopped to take selfies with the reaggaetonero lookalike, as hundreds of fans followed him to his car with their phones out trying to capture the moment. Some people even stopped their cars and got out to try to get the perfect picture to prove it.


This is not the first time the reggaeton megastar fans fall into a similar trap.

Just this past summer at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York another Bad Bunny impersonator made people lose their minds in the streets of Manhattan and even became trending on social media as fans everywhere wanted to know where exactly Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio was.

It turned out he was probably on his couch at home while the madness unfolded in the parade and on social media.