After going viral with her version of Roberto Carlos’ classic “Cama y Mesa” on TikTok (over 30 million views no less!), Mexican singer Mariangela is releasing her new song and soon-to-be hit “Abril” today.

Although a lot of her fans discovered her through the popular cover, this time she wanted to write every word in her new songs. As she explained in a statement, she wants to make sure this material is her most personal to date.

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She also made clear the new song, “Abril,” is inspired by “the hardest moment in [her] life,” as she shared with her followers on TikTok.

“If you ever gave someone the best of you and lost yourself in the process, this song is for you,” she said in a video with a teaser of the new single. She added the hashtags “ex” and “toxic.”  


la sacamos completa? 👀 #ex #toxico #toxica #toxicos #voiceeffects

♬ Abril – Mariangela

An ode to heartbreak and toxic relationships 

Soon after she posted the teaser of the new song, her fans and TikTokers who stumbled into the video flooded the comments section with their own experiences going through hard breakups.

“It’s been 5 years trying to get over it and I’m still feeling that winter in the summer inside of me,” wrote one follower playing with the song’s lyrics. “I want to sing it in full voice on a rainy day,” wrote another.

Thanks to heartbreaking and catchy lines like “regrésame el mes de abril, regrésame las ganas de vivir,” we’ll definitely be singing this song in the shower for years to come.

And as you can see from the reaction of the fans after just hearing ten seconds of it, Abril is a powerful ballad that resonates with so many. We get it. This song will give you goosebumps and take you straight back to your high school romance and tragedy days.

Watch the video here.