If you were to ask a young Mariah Angeliq what she would be doing when she was older, she would’ve said music.

Mariah always knew that music was her passion

Mariah’s confidence and how she carries herself within her music and outside of it can be seen in an instant. She always knew what she was destined to do, and she was going to stop at nothing to get there.

“I always believed in myself, [I] always thought I was the best,” the “Ricota” singer tells mitú while she makes her own ice cream sundae at our Los Angeles studio. 

And believed she did. Mariah left her home at the ripe age of 16 to pursue music. Yes, you read that right 16.

The decision to leave her home was tough, but it was that exact choice that led her to “El Arma Secreta” Nelly, who guided her in the right direction. Following her team up with Nelly, she found her voice within the music industry. It even lead to her first collab with fellow Boricua Myke Towers.

“Perreito,” a signed deal with Universal Music, and a hit collaboration with Karol G, are just a few things that the Cuban and Puerto Rican artist has been able to accomplish at just 23 years old.

While “Perreito” put Mariah on the map in the urban genre, it was “El Makinon” that solidified her position as a powerhouse in the industry. “[El Makinon] is one of my favorite collaborations, not just saying that because it’s the biggest record. It was a super dope moment for me,” she says. 

The lyrics of “El Makinon” are even more dope as they perfectly encapsulate who Mariah is: strong, fierce, and independent.

Before the iconic “El Makinon” with Karol, she also managed to collab with artists like Arcángel on “Perreito Remix,” Ñengo Flow on “Tócame,” and Guaynaa on “Taxi.”

“Ricota” is the anthem we didn’t know we needed

Her newest single “Ricota,” marks her first track of 2023 and is “a really special record” for Mariah. “The message behind [Ricota] is to love yourself. No matter what stage in life you’re in, love yourself [and] enjoy the process,” explains the Miami native. 

If you haven’t listened to “Ricota,” you are missing out on the best hype song of 2023 so far. The go-to track to get ready to, “Ricota” just makes you feel empowered and well, pardon the pun pero, ricota.

If “Ricota” hasn’t made your playlist yet, add it… now.

Watch the music video for “Ricota” below!

Here’s what Mariah has in store for 2023

“Ricota” is just one of the many surprises Mariah has in store for us this year. From new music to her first official album, La Toxica will also be embarking on a tour all across Europe. 

Y el próximo collab pa’ cuando? 

Mariah didn’t share much, but she did reveal that she would love to work with Young Miko. “I would love to do a song with Young Miko. I think Young Miko would be fire for a record,” says Mariah.

We agree. A Mariah Angeliq and Young Miko collab would indeed be fire.

But in terms of new music, Mariah recently dropped her new song “Peligrosa,” check out the official music video below:

There’s no denying that there is something about Mariah that makes you want to keep watching. It can be her flow, her fit, or her way of talking, but there’s something there that makes you want more. 

One thing is for sure, 2023 is already looking bright for “La Toxica.”