Over the weekend, Argentinian fans set Twitter ablaze with tweets related to Paulo Londra, Maria Becerra, and Colombian producer Ovy On The Drums, all due to Maria’s pic with the “Tusa” producer. Here we’ll explain what went down and how we got to this point where Maria had to apologize for posting that pic with Ovy, which Argentinian fans feel she betrayed her fellow countryman Paulo.

How it started – Paulo Londra meets Kristoman and Ovy On The Drums

Paulo Londra rose to fame after winning freestyle competitions in his natal Argentina. He put out singles like “Relax” and “Luna Llena” which rose to popularity back home, and even got the attention of J Balvin and other artists.

Amazed by his talent, Paulo gets contacted by Colombian producer Ovy On The Drums and his business partner Kristo, and together they decide to create their own label called Big Ligas. As any rising artist would, Paulo jumped at the opportunity to work in music and moved to Colombia to start recording and producing with Big Ligas.

In 2019-2020, Paulo was a star on the rise and was nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammys, Latin AMAS, Latin Billboards, and more. However, many fans took notice that he wasn’t releasing a lot of music, and Paulo released a statement in Summer 2020 where he detailed the deterioration of his relationship with Big Ligas.

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User @laulopondra explains in a Twitter thread what Paulo said in his press release, and his decision to step aside from Big Ligas and not release new music. According to Paulo’s statement, he felt betrayed by signing a contract with Big Ligas without an attorney present, Kristo and Ovy had promised him to renegotiate his contract but never did, Kristo and Ovy negotiated a record deal with Warner without Paulo having a say in the decision, and more.

Read the thread below.

Maria Becerra reacts to Paulo’s statement

On June 11, 2020, Maria reacted to Paulo’s statement on Twitter, calling out the people in the industry that take advantage of young artists and signing “dirty contracts.”

2021 update: Maria Becerra shares a pic on IG Stories with Ovy On The Drums

Over the weekend, Maria shared a picture with Ovy saying “Pleasure to work with you” as the pair snapped a picture in the recording studio.

Argentinian fans took to Twitter to call out Maria, since she was one of the very first people to show support for Paulo last year, to the point that her name became a trending topic due to that picture.

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Maria speaks up and shares apology on Twitter

Maria probably kept reading her mentions and comments and decided to speak up. She said “we’re all waiting for Paulo to release new music” and that, hopefully, things clear up for him in the legal department so he can come back to do what he loves. She doesn’t want to be linked to contract troubles with other artists, and that as an artist herself, people should understand her need to work with other producers in order to grow. “I was just doing my job,” Becerra said.

She apologized if her picture hurt anyone in the process, and that she’s really sad about the whole situation with Paulo and Ovy.

Fans react on Twitter to Paulo, Maria and Big Ligas drama

For many Argentinian fans, Maria’s decision to work with Ovy felt like betrayal to one of their own, and this case felt eerily similar to the master ownership lawsuit between Taylor Swift with Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber.

Big Ligas reacted to the news in a now deleted Tweet

Big Ligas (Kristo and Ovy) reacted to the news in a Tweet deemed by many as tasteless, where they mentioned all the Argentinian artists that have worked with them, and that if Argentine Tango legend Carlos Gardel were alive, they would work with him too.

Fellow Argentinian singers Duki and Nicki Nicole also speak up about the situation

Trap artist Duki shared that people should understand that Maria shouldn’t be judged for her actions since at the end of the day she is working, and asked people not to criticize her.

Singer Nicki Nicole also shared that she does not want to be linked to Big Ligas in any way, and that her true wish is for Paulo to come back to music.

Final thoughts

Paulo Londra’s situation is tricky, to say the least. His latest single was a collaboration with Ed Sheeran titled “Nothing On You”, which he says he’s not given the proper ownership of his songwriting credits. On the other hand, Ovy On The Drums and Kristo say through their attorney that Paulo is breaching his contract with Big Ligas by refusing to release music and therefore, jeopardizing the record label. Finally, Maria Becerra is still working on her upcoming album, not sure if the backlash with this situation might impact her streams/sales.

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