If you’re already a fan of regional Mexican band Marca MP, not to mention lead singer, Pedro “Chato” Vargas, prepare to be a supporter for life.

The California-based musicians surprised a family who lost their daughter, Arlette, to a brain tumor by performing at her memorial service. Her loved ones are “forever grateful” for the gesture.

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Arlette’s sister, Gisselle Alicia, revealed she was one of the band’s biggest fans and listened to them to “keep her going day by day.”

On TikTok, she discussed the heartbreaking situation on her page, urging people to help her get Marca MP’s attention after Arlette passed on April 22.

The video quickly amassed over four million views and users shared it countlessly until it got the band’s attention to make Arlette’s “last wish” a reality.

Arlette often watched lead singer Chato’s TikToks from her hospital bed


Please help my family and i get chato’s attention! My sister was in love with him since he became an arist! Help us complete her last wish of meeting him! #fyp #fypシ #chato #marcamp #fypage #helping @chatooomp @mmp__oficial

♬ Ya acabó (Con Becky G) – Marca MP & Becky G

Arlette’s sister shared the story on TikTok, asking people to “please help” her family get Chato’s attention.

She explained it was Arlette’s “last wish” for Chato to “sing at her memorial service” before passing away in April. Through the platform, she asked other users to help them “complete [Arlette’s] last wish of meeting him” since she had been “in love with him” ever since he became an artist.

In the clip, the user shared more about her sister’s nine-month struggle after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. She explained that although Arlette was the “[loudest] and funniest person,” her illness caused her to lose “her ability to walk and hear little by little.”

Five months of chemo and radiation took a significant toll on her, but she always had a “positive attitude” and assured loved ones she was “okay.”

By February, her symptoms started “progressing,” and she lost her hearing and movement. Still, listening to Chato’s music got her through it. She would watch TikToks like this one from her hospital bed:



♬ original sound – Pedro Vargas

Masses of TikTokers helped spread the word until they got Marca MP’s attention

As you can see in an emotional follow-up video, Marca MP eventually caught wind of the TikTok and performed at Arlette’s memorial service.

“My beautiful sister and her huge surprise,” the woman’s sister wrote on Instagram. “Much love for Marca MP, thank you. My family and I are forever grateful.”

The sister also personally thanked singer Chato and his team, saying Arlette’s “dream was completed.” Undoubtedly, the moment was deeply bittersweet since Arlette was finally able to “meet” her favorite band.

As Gisselle Alicia explained, Chato was Arlette’s “boyfriend,” and she no doubt “was screaming” at how “crazy” it all was.

While Marca MP hasn’t commented on the gesture yet, many social media users applaud the band for their selfless act. One Twitter user wrote, “Marca MP is a real one for showing up to the girl’s funeral.”

Another person agreed, noting that the heartbreaking video made them cry:

Meanwhile, on her sister’s TikTok, several people continue to lend support.

One person commented, “I’m so sorry for your loss! I don’t want to even imagine what that pain feels.” Another echoed the sentiment: “I’m so sorry… God has such a beautiful angel now.”

“Wow chato, thank you for making her wish come true,” another user wrote. “I’m sure she is smiling from above.”