Karol G‘s name has become synonymous with body-positivity, self-love, and of course, fire dembow-infused tracks we can’t stop dancing to.

The Colombian singer is known to post photos on Instagram showing her having fun in the sun, and one detail truly sets her apart — her pictures are noticeably unretouched. The “Tusa” singer embraces natural beauty, which is why she hit back at a recent body shaming IG comment.

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Karol G posted a gorgeous photoshoot promoting her upcoming song

The “Provenza” songstress posted an especially-sultry set of photos yesterday, shot by Cape Town-based photographer Lea Colombo. Let’s just say the photos are incredible, following Colombo’s color-pop signature style, playing with light and shadows.

Karol G posted the photos to promote her upcoming song “X Si Volvemos” alongside Romeo Santos, straight from La Romana. She captioned the pictures: “At the beach in Dominican Republic like always… Punta Cana🖤🖤🖤 X SI VOLVEMOSssssssssssssss.”

The singer received tons of comments about how amazing she looks, such as this one: “Excuse me 🙂🧨 We weren’t ready, you snatched our wigs, men, careers, lunch money” (10/10 agree). While most wrote that she looked “hermosa” and like a “mamacita,” Karol G also received negative comments about her body.

This was the singer’s response to a body shaming IG comment

As shown above in a screenshot from Karol G’s stories, one user commented: “The photographer must be her worst enemy, it’s not flattering at all, you can see she has a bit of a stomach,” justifying it as their “humble” opinion. Yup— disrespectful, untrue, unnecessary, and just… why?

In true “Bichota” style, the singer didn’t hold back — and chose to respond to the body shaming comment. On IG, the singer said the photographer is actually “one of the best” she has worked with.

She explained it’s not about whether the photos “flatter her body or not.” Why? “Because it’s my body and that’s how it is.”

As someone who has proudly called herself a “thick mami” in the past (yas), she continued, “why try to make my body look different if that’s the way it is?”

And that was the aha moment of her response — we’re so used to celebs retouching their bodies and finding the best angles, we forget it shouldn’t be about making bodies look different, “better,” or more perfect. As Karol G explained, if she had a “bit of a stomach,” she owes it to a hot dog she recently ate at a concert — A.K.A. no big deal.

That being said, she described how she’s working hard at the gym, so if she gets a bit lazy again (hard relate), her stomach may look “even bigger.”

Still, to Karol G, that’s no problem at all.

As Karol G put it, “diversity is awesome”

The singer took the time to tell her followers to “never let comments distort the beautiful way” they look. She wrote that “all bodies are different” and amazing just the way they are, and “diversity” is awesome.

As Karol G put it, “there are many people going through actual difficult times and going through real needs for us to worry about cellulite, a wrinkle, or a normal gordito.”

She closed her message with, “love yourself a lot.”

The singer has been vocal about body positivity in the past, such as in one interview with Molusco TV. She explained, “People shouldn’t care how much I weigh, because I’m a singer.

Karol G said she believes people should “fall in love with her music,” not the way she looks.

This isn’t the first time the singer promotes self love

She also posed for Vogue Mexico with barely any makeup on, writing on Instagram: “That’s how I chose to look… feeling comfortable how we really are is something we battle everyday, how we ‘should’ look.”

The “Tusa” singer continued, “I wanted them to talk about who I am, my way of thinking, my success” and her music. She said, “Let’s value who we are above how we look.”

And this time around, with her response to that body shaming IG comment, fans are happier than ever to look up to the singer. As one Twitter user put it, her response is “everything” to them:

Another agreed, telling others to “stop body shaming,” and that “natural” bodies are “beautiful.”

As another user said, Karol G is “happy the way she is,” and no one should critique other people’s bodies.