Share text: Karol G said the woman went into labor while she was singing “El Makinon,” calling the experience “crazy.” We just hope they make her Madrina.

Sure, we’ve heard stories of women giving birth in a cab, a bustling restaurant, or even at their job, but it’s not everyday you hear a birth story like this one. A woman went into labor at Karol G’s sold-out Fresno concert, yes, as the Colombian superstar was singing ‘El Makinon.’

The “Gatúbela” singer went and visited the mom (and the baby!) at the hospital right after the show and shared the experience on her IG stories.

The singer took to Instagram stories on Tuesday right after her concert at Fresno’s Save Mart Center, filming herself as she walked through Saint Agnes Hospital. Looking as excited as ever with a huge smile on her face, Karol G exclaimed: “Turns out that when I was at the concert in Fresno, a woman gave birth at the concert while I was singing ‘El Makinon.’ It was crazy!”

Hardly believing it herself, the “Provenza” singer continued, “So I finished the concert, I found out the details and I came to visit her at the hospital.” The star described she felt “so excited” and was still in complete “shock.” 

Later, IG stories show Karol G walking through the hospital with a mask on, opening the door to greet the fan and the baby. Another story simply shows the woman’s wrist, decked out in hospital and concert wristbands. 

While we still can’t get over how epic this woman’s birth story is — and how this baby will have the best fun fact to tell people for the rest of their lives — NBC Los Angeles reports that both mother and child are healthy. Saint Agnes Hospital released a statement that read that “the baby weighed 6 pounds,” with happy parents Norma and Francisco hailing from Hanford.

Meanwhile, Karol G reportedly also posted on her story that “Anahí, the baby, is incredibly healthy and beautiful! Her mommy too.” While we love the name Anahí for obvious reasons (hello, RBD obsession that never went away), who else had their fingers crossed the baby would be named Karol?

While the baby wasn’t named after the star, after all, there’s still some hope for making the “El Barco” singer madrina. In fact, over on TikTok, a fan started a “Karol G for Madrina PETITION ✅” and it has already gotten almost 5,000 likes. 

Another TikToker commented, “Finna go to her concert around my due date” while another echoed, “can you imagine Karol g walking in your delivery room ahi nooo me muero 🙈🙈🙈😂.” Same!

While we completely agree that Karol G visiting the hospital is absolutely epic, there’s no doubt giving birth at the concert could have been dangerous too — and we’re just happy everything turned out as sweet as “Caramelo.”