There just might be some kind of “brujería” going on in Miami — at least when it comes to Karol G’s concerts. “La Bichota” took a slight tumble at her Miami concert at FTX Arena on September 22, and immediately remembered the last time she fell in concert in the same city. 

“Yo no se qué pasa con Miami,” she joked.

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Karol G’s “$trip Love” tour is going strong, including massive, super-catchy hits on her setlist like “Tusa,” “El Makinon,” and older classics like “Pineapple.”

Her Miami concert was no different. The Colombian superstar rounded up her fanbase as they sang their hearts out to epic lyrics like “No me llames que mi número cambié… Llama 1-800-j*dete,” and the unmistakable Baby, ¿qué más? that opens her chill banger “Provenza.”

That being said, the singer stumbled just before starting a song. As can be seen in videos of the moment, the “MAMIII” star walked down a staircase and stepped on a part of the stage that seemed to be unsecured.

Thankfully, she was able to avoid falling completely, and it seemed like she didn’t get hurt. Standing up quickly, she regained her composure and joked about it — but fans gasping made it clear the fall could have been much worse.

The reggaeton singer stood up and quickly laughed it off, saying, “There’s something with Miami, I don’t know what happens in Miami.” She continued, saying she will probably fall “every time” she has a concert in the city. 

Of course, she was referring to her scary fall at her Miami concert back in November 2021, while she was singing her hit “Ahora Me Llamas.” Just as she sang the legendary lyrics, “Llámalo como tú quieras,” the singer took a frightening tumble down the stage’s stairs. Still, she took a moment to breathe, got back up, and started singing again like the true “Gatúbela” she is!

Fans keep reacting to her latest stumble on social media, with several commenting that this one wasn’t her fault at all. Over on El Gordo Y La Flaca’s Instagram page, one user wrote: “She clearly did not fall, you can see clearly that where she stepped wasn’t well placed.”

Another user agreed saying it was “the organizer’s” fault, and yet another user commented: “That’s not falling… the floor sank.” Still, over on Twitter, some users opted to make jokes about it.

We still insist there must be some Miami brujería going on if you ask us, and love Karol G even more for being so fierce and getting up every time she falls.