Who else grew up watching the telenovela “Rebelde” every day when they got home from school?

The early 2000s-era series will always be iconic, bringing together actors like Dulce María and Christian Chávez, making them the voices of a generation (also, yes, we still need one of those uniforms). Fast forward to 2022, and RBD star Anahí joined Colombian singer Karol G onstage to show she’s still able to channel her inner Mia Colucci.

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Karol G, 31, invited Mexican singer and actress Anahí, 39, to join her for a special rendition of the 2004 RBD hit “Sálvame” at her Mexico City concert on Saturday night. Belting out the legendary lyrics still engraved in our minds like “Extrañarte es mi necesidad” and “sálvame de la soledad,” there’s no doubt the two singers are the duo we never knew we needed. 

Even more amazing? The last time Anahí sang onstage was a whopping 11 years ago, with Karol G explaining on Instagram that the Mexican star had been approached by several other singers in the past. “11 years offstage, 11 years of invitations that you rejected because you had other ideals and you accepted mine.😭😭😭MINE!!!! You accepted me and I felt so great and so special.” 

Wearing adorable matching pink cowboy hats with thousands of fans in the audience, the video Karol G posted of the duet shows the two stars loved every bit of the performance as much as we did. The “Tusa” star wrote in the caption that she is “still crying” and that “it was incredible to see” that even after so many years off the music scene, Anahí “still shines with so much intensity.”

Calling Anahí her “queen,” Karol G described how the performance proved that, “the feelings of an entire generation are still alive.” The “Bichota” singer wrote that she will “never forget” that Anahí shared her comeback with her, and that inviting the Mexican icon to sing at her concert made millions of people happy. She closed her emotional message with, “me and you forever 🥺🥺🥺,” so of course we need a collaboration now!

The video Karol G posted already has more than 11 million views and counting, and celebrities are reacting to it just as much as fans are. Fellow Colombian star Greeicy Rendón commented, “Que chimbaaaaa 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋”; while Carla Morrison got just as excited: “Two days ago I was singing it in my house at full volume because it is a great song and now seeing this, how beautiful.”

Anahí also commented on the post, and her words made us tear up just as much as Karol G’s. She wrote, “My heart is going to explode!!! I can’t express with words what you gave me 🙏 A moment I will keep in my soul forever.” The “Tras De Mí” singer continued, “You’re so great and so unique that you gave me the honor to share your stage, your fans… I will never forget this.”

As reported by Hola!, Anahí also said onstage that, “There nerves are there, you are always in my heart, what we live together is never forgotten,” continuing with, “never stop believing in your dreams.”

Even more, it seems that Karol G even gave Anahí a necklace before the show, with the Mexico City-born star writing, “”I’m dying of love” on her Instagram.