Not only is Jay Wheeler an incredibly talented urban artist, but he also boasts a fantastic sense of humor. This comedic side of him shone brightly in a recent interview, where he recounted a hilariously awkward encounter during a live performance when a fan showed him the middle finger.

In a lively chat with Alejandro Mora Sánchez and Álvaro Jorge, hosts of the podcast “17 Grados,” the Puerto Rican singer revealed he was in the groove of his performance when he noticed one fan glaring at him, looking upset.

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Wheeler explained he didn’t know the person’s name, but the fan flipped him off as soon as he started singing. This situation left him confused, wondering what he did wrong.

Wheeler called out the fan, responding to his insults, then things took an unexpected turn

Handling emotions can be tricky, especially when faced with frustration and confusion. Wheeler candidly acknowledged that things took a wild turn when the fan insulted him and his mother.

“I, obviously in frustration, forgot that I was singing and that I was Jay Wheeler for a moment, and I told him: ‘What happened cabr*n’ on the microphone. I told him, ‘Your mother, cabr*on.'”

Following this heated exchange, the fan bizarrely invited him to come closer. In response, the singer consulted his production manager and paused the show momentarily to have a direct chat with the guy.

“I told him, ‘Bro, are you ok? He told me, ‘Yes, good; sorry, I love you,’ I told him, ‘Are you sure?’ He said: ‘Yes, yes, I love you.”

Despite the initial tension, the songwriter contemplated publicly shaming the fan but decided against it, thinking it might make him look bad. So, he let the incident slide.

The amusing twist to this story unfolded when the musician sang his hit “La curiosidad,” glancing back at the fan. To his surprise, the troublemaker seemed unfazed, enjoying the performance as if nothing had transpired.

Despite this encounter, Wheeler has shared heartwarming experiences with his fans

Wheeler’s anecdotes with fans have no limits, and some moments have remained saved in Wheeler’s heart, such as when he talks to his followers on social media and meets them in person.

“Once, a girl invited me to her quinceañera. She had a certain amount of time to live because of an illness, and I didn’t know it until I finished the show,” he said. They took a photo together which he still keeps at his mom’s house.

One more unexpected thing he does? He tests the crowd at any place he goes by telling his fans where he is.

Fans admire the singer’s talent as a storyteller and comedian

The Puerto Rican star loves music, but gaming and comedies have a special place in his heart, he shared during the interview. Social media users agree the artist knows how to make the audience laugh.


Hemos salvado a @Jay Wheeler de acabar en el LoL. Y tú, ¿que has hecho hoy?

♬ sonido original – 17grados

On TikTok, many users share the theory the fan was mad because he was waiting for a specific song:

“He just wanted to listen and sing ‘La curiosidad’, and you didn’t please him,” wrote a person. Another one added, “Jay Wheeler’s stories are elite.”

Meanwhile, others appreciated the respect he showed for his fan base.

“The fan wanted to be the protagonist,” said one user. “We love Jay Wheeler. He respects and appreciates his followers. There are some who should learn from him”.

On X, many people love he knows the gaming industry.

“Jay Wheeler even knows how to play Valorant; I like him better now.”

On Instagram, someone commented: “Your fans love you, and we are very proud of you.”