Natti Natasha is back with her new album Nattividad. The Dominican superstar also released the music video for her song “Imposible Amor” with Colombian singer Maluma. In an exclusive interview, Natasha opened up about the inspiration behind her LP, working with Maluma, and life with her daughter Vida Isabelle.

Natti Natasha just wants to have fun with her Nattividad album.

The title Nattividad is a mash-up of Natasha and her daughter’s names. The album includes 16 tracks, including the hits “Ram Pam Pam” with Becky G, “Antes Que Salga El Sol” with Prince Royce, and “Las Nenas” with Cazzu, Farina, and La Duraca. There’s also the disco-influenced pop anthem “Noches En Miami” where Natasha is trying to live her best life.

“I wanted to go back to the roots,” Natasha tells mitú about the album. “I wanted to do real reggaeton. I wanted to have fun. I know if I’m having fun, people out there are going to do the same. [It’s] perreo going back to the roots. It just felt right.”

Natti Natasha teamed up with Maluma for “Imposible Amor.”

Natasha’s new single from Nattividad is “Imposible Amor” featuring Maluma. The sexy reggaeton banger marks the first time that they’re working together. Natasha and Maluma bring the toxic romance from their song to life into the music video.

“I’ve known Maluma for a bit now and we were always waiting for that song to get to us,” Natasha says. “It was great. It was super natural. When I had the idea of the song, we were like, ‘Yeah, Maluma is definitely this color.’ He said yes right away, which I’m very grateful for that.”

Natasha also opened up about making the wild music video with Maluma. “Doing the video was also fun,” she adds. “He’s very smooth. Very relaxed. He’s very outgoing. He was saying yes to all the ideas. I think that’s very important. The chemistry between two artists when they’re collaborating is the main thing.”

Natti Natasha sees life differently now with Vida Isabelle.

With the release of Nattividad, Natasha is balancing life between being a mother and a Latin music star. Vida Isabelle was born in May to Natasha and her fiancé Raphy Pina. She mentions that Vida has changed her outlook on life.

“I see things in a more positive way from another perspective,” Natasha says. “I feel like your insecurities just go out the window. You don’t think about yourself so much anymore. It’s about your daughter or your son. It’s a 180-degree change that I don’t even think I can explain. I do everything for her now.”

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