There was no shortage of great music at this year’s Coachella Festival, with bands and festivalgoers congregating from around the world. However, one group — Grupo Firme, the first Regional Mexican group to play at Coachella — has become something of a fan favorite this year, attracting large crowds of established listeners and total newcomers.

The group’s lively performances and likable style make them easy to love, and that’s exactly what made them such a hit with Coachella festivalgoers. During the festival, one of the group’s members had this to say about the Latino experience:

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“Me siento orgulloso, de que un grupo de jóvenes mexicanos inspiren y hagan que sus dias sean mas agradables. Estamos en un país, muy complicado de repente para los latinos. Y siempre seguimos adelante. No nos van a detener. ¡Nosotros los latinos somos poderosos! ¡Muchos gracias! ¡Por tanto cariño y tanto amor! ¡Todos tenemos el derecho de soñar!”

His statement translates to:

“I am proud that a group of young Mexicans inspire and make their days more pleasant. We are in a country that is suddenly very complicated for Latinos. And we always move on. They won’t stop us. We Latinos are powerful! Thank you very much! For so much affection and so much love! We all have the right to dream!”

Bringing Grupo Firme to one of the biggest stages in the world represents a huge leap forward for the music industry in terms of representation, which has often shied away from bringing Mexican banda and Regional music to the mainstream. It’s fitting, too, that the band would debut at Coachella, seeing that their latest single is a cover of Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” called “Sabes a Tequila.”

The Amazon original song by Grupo Firme puts a banda spin on the Harry Styles hit original, creating a crossover delight that is sure to connect with all the new fans they’ve made at Coachella. It’s a fun, enjoyable track that doesn’t take itself too seriously and remains recognizable as a cover while still bringing something unique to the table.

As of right now, the song is available exclusively on Amazon Music, with a video for the track coming in May. In the meantime, listen to Grupo Firme on Amazon Music, or wherever you stream music, to hear some of their hits.