A 90-year-old grandma got way more than she bargained for when her granddaughter took the both of them to Daddy Yankee’s concert at Madison Square Garden. Instead of just attending the show, the woman’s granddaughter secretly arranged to have her meet Daddy Yankee before the show and sit in the front row while he performed.

In a heartwarming video posted to TikTok, the woman’s granddaughter, who goes by the username @ivannamichellee, shows viewers just how much of a fan her grandmother is, including one moment where she’s singing along to one of his songs while holding a framed picture of his face.

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An unforgettable night!! Dreams do come true. My grandma has loved him since he started and I’ve been listening to him since I was 4 yrs old. Thank you so much @daddyyankee TE AMAMOS ❤️🙏🏼 #daddyyankee #ultimavuelta #legendaddy #daddyyankeeconcert #nyc #msg #concretejunglewheredreamsaremadeof

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The clip shows the adorable grandma, who’s been suffering from uterine cancer for the last year, in a wheelchair being escorted backstage for a surprise meet-and-greet with Daddy Yankee himself, who signs the framed photo seen earlier in the video. 

“Dreams do come true,” read the caption. “My grandma has loved him since he started and I’ve been listening to him since I was 4 years old.”

After getting a hug from her favorite artist, the woman is then taken to the front row of the stadium to enjoy the show, which is one of the last Daddy Yankee will be performing as he embarks on his farewell tour.

In the video, you can see how people kept wanting to come up and take pictures with the grandma holding her signed photo.

Commenters on the video show how everyone fell immediately in love with the 90-year-old woman and sent her their love and support. “Omg and now I’m in tears. This was amazing to watch!!!” wrote one of the commentators.

“Wasn’t expecting to cry at 6 in the morning,” wrote another. Similarly, another user wrote, “It’s 7 in the morning why you do me like this.”

But this is not the first time una abuelita has been caught vibing to Daddy Yankee’s music.

In February 2018, People reported on an 88-year-old woman Irish woman who was caught on camera dancing to his single “Dura,” which he reposted to his Instagram. That same month, another video of a 90-year-old Puerto Rican woman dancing along to his music during a Zumba class was released.

What is it with Daddy Yankee and abuelitas? It seems like they can’t help but love his gasolina, but then again, who can resist his catchy melodies and heart-thumping beats? We sure can’t.