Mexican singer Danna Paola is set to perform at the Qatar 2022 World Cup performing none other than Queen’s classic, “A Kind of Magic,” as part of a new Coca-Cola campaign for the biggest sports event in the world. Paola will be joined on stage by Egyptian singer Felukah and Saudi Arabian singer Tamtam.

Although fans will have to wait until November 20 to see the performance live, the official music video for the song was released earlier this week as part of the “You Think It’s Magic” campaign.

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“It’s inspiring to be part of a global campaign represented by women,” Paola said in a statement. “Working with Felukah and Tamtam was a beautiful and magical experience. Music is the magic key to bring people together. I’m thrilled to be part of this and to put Mexico into the spotlight.”

Both the song and its accompanying music video were created in Mexico City, reports Fox Sports Mexico, and will be the cola company’s official anthem moving forward.

“We are delighted to have teamed up with Tamtam, Felukah, and Danna Paola to create a unique version of Queen’s ‘A Kind of Magic’ (…) This reimagined track showcases the unique styles of these talented artists while embracing the world-renowned classic,” Joshua Burke, Coca-Cola’s Director of Global Marketing for Music and Culture, said in a statement. 

“I love that girl power continues to position the world with music,” Paola said about the collaboration with the brand and the other two artists who are influential in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 

As they say, with great success comes great responsibility, and the singer has already taken to social media to share her mental health struggles and how she was suffering a breakdown as a result of anxiety and stress related to her new tour, as reported by the American Chronicles. 

“We are making a lot of effort for the tour […] I’m suffering from a lot of anxiety these days, I don’t want to fail at anything, and I’m having an emotional breakdown in the process and still, I try to stay strong,” she said in an Instagram story.

Despite that, Uproxx reports that Paola plans to take her tour promoting her latest release, “XT4S1S”, through Mexico and hopefully to the US at some point soon.