Bad Bunny closed out his World’s Hottest Tour with a sold-out show in Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca on December 9. Thousands of fans sang along to hits like “Neverita” and “Efecto,” but didn’t expect the star to also pay tribute to Juan Gabriel.

All about the Estadio Azteca concert

As per Billboard, the show started at 10 P.M., with fans enjoying performances by El Conejo Malo himself plus special guests. Bomba Estéreo sang “Ojitos Lindos,” while Plan B star Chencho Corleone, Mora, Jowell & Randy and Jhayco all made appearances. In short, the concert was epic.

Bad Bunny told attendees, “Welcome to the World’s Hottest Tour closing out in Mexico City,” before he began to sing. He continued, “Thank you for tonight… have fun, perreen, jump, this is your home.”

While the “Safaera” singer told fans the night was one big “party,” the night wasn’t so fun for everyone. In fact, a unfortunate ticket fiasco meant that countless ticket buyers were turned away at the door.

That being said, there was a ticket fiasco

People that bought tickets from Ticketmaster were denied entry, with Ticketmaster Mexico claiming an “unprecedented” amount of fake tickets were the issue. This meant real buyers were told their tickets were fake, or were canceled.

Ticketmaster said the fake tickets “generated confusion,” meaning “people with legitimate tickets were denied access.”

Even more, some fans reported tons of empty seats in the 80,000-plus-capacity stadium due to the mess:

Fortunately, Washington Post reports that Ticketmaster must refund the fans turned away, plus 20% of the ticket price. They must now also pay a substantial fine.

While the ticket debacle meant the night started an hour late, there’s no denying Bad Bunny still put on a groundbreaking show. One of the best parts of the concert? The reggaeton star’s tribute to El Divo de Juárez, of course.

Bad Bunny’s tribute to Juan Gabriel

The stadium’s speakers played Juan Gabriel’s iconic song “Querida” during the interlude, prompting fans to sing along. Bad Bunny sat on a chair watching the audience belt out every lyric to the Mexican legend’s most famous track.

Videos of the moment made their way to social media, and let’s just say they’re giving us goosebumps:

One concert goer wrote on Twitter that singing along to “Querida” at the concert will be a “top moment forever.”

Even cooler? It seems like the unforgettable tribute actually led into Bad Bunny’s track “Si Estuviésemos Juntos.”

Meanwhile, another fan said the moment gave them “chills,” saying, “te amo Bad Bunny y te amo Juan Gabriel.”

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Bad Bunny pays homage to Juan Gabriel, cementing his true fandom. Back in 2020, he released the track “Yo Visto Así” with the lyrics: “Like Juan Gabriel singing ‘Querida,’ I never let hate decide.”