Well, it seems like Bad Bunny may be off the market — and it all started in a way most Conejo Malo stans could only dream of. TikTok sleuths recently uncovered that the singer may be going out with a fan he brought up on stage at his recent Phoenix concert. One dance later, and it looks like ella ya no perrea sola.

How did Bad Bunny meet his new rumored flame?

Okay, okay, so let’s back up. It all started when Bad Bunny played at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona back in September 28, 2022 as part of his “World’s Hottest Tour.”

Videos show how the reggaetonero brought up fans onstage during his song “Eseñame a Bailar” to dance. One fan in particular that reportedly caught his eye? 22-year-old Laina Bell. See the moment here:

At the time, TikTok chisme experts posted how Bell did an Instagram Live to talk about the concert — and her interaction with Bad Bunny. The screen recording shows Bell explaining how “earlier in the concert,” the singer kept making “eye contact” with her. She said, “I thought I was tripping, I was like, ‘No way is Bad Bunny tripping over me right now.'”

All about the moment they met at the concert

Bell described how the “Callaíta” singer was “flirting” with her “like a little boy” on stage. At that point, Bad Bunny picked her and several others to go up on stage to dance. After the concert, Bell said she is “not a groupie” and “didn’t wait for him.”

In fact, she said the singer “had his manager reach out” and text her, saying Bad Bunny wanted to see her (using a bunny emoji LOL). While she says she did not take photos with him because his team took away her phone, she said the singer was very “humble.”

According to Bell, they hung out for around “two hours” and “listened to music.”

Months later, it seems like the two may be official

Of course, it’s been months since that happened — and incredibly enough, things seem to be getting more serious. In fact, the star was seen out with Bell at the Los Angeles Lakers game on Friday. Of course, Bad Bunny fans are fiercely devoted to Conejo Malo chisme (as are we) and quickly found Bell’s Instagram page:

While Bell doesn’t post too often, she seems to be based in Arizona, and seems to have worked as a model and influencer. Several photos and videos show the two of them at the recent Lakers game:


Bad bunny was out with the girl he brung up on stage in #phoenix 😱🤯😳 Check out my pinned video i did about her, where she claimed she went out with him that night after the concert. Maybe she was telling the truth this whole time?! 😱 What do you guys think? #badbunnypr #badbunnyconcert #badbunnyfans #badbunny #benito #badbunnybaby #parati #fyp

♬ Enséñame a Bailar – Bad Bunny

Meanwhile, Bad Bunny’s once-girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri reportedly deleted all photos of him off her Instagram. The move happened right after he was seen with Bell at the Lakers game. Benito noticeably still has a few photos of Berlingeri on his own IG page.

Now Bunny might have to tell “Titi” he just has una novia… stay tuned for more chisme!