Between his Met Gala appearance on Monday, his album release on Friday, his supporting role in the upcoming movie “Bullet Train,” and the recent news that he’ll also be joining the Sony Spider-Man Universe, Bad Bunny is having a pretty busy year. And not even he can believe it all!

In a recent appearance on “The View,” Bad Bunny seemed a bit stunned by his own success, specifically the fact that he’ll be starring as El Muerto in the upcoming Marvel origin story. “It’s huge, it’s amazing,” he said during his interview. “I’m very, like… confused,” he adds with a laugh. “It’s not the first Latino actor in a Marvel movie. It’s, like, the first main role and also the character is the first Latino character in the Marvel Universe.”

Juan Carlos, a.k.a. El Muerto, will appear as part of Sony’s extended universe of antiheroes that began with “Venom” in 2018 and, most recently, “Morbius” starring Jared Leto. The plan, it seems, is to establish a roster of worthy foes for the MCU’s Spider-Man to then cross over and fight in a future film.

“I’m very excited, happy, and proud,” he said on ‘The View.’ “I think people are going to be proud of my work.”

After rocking the Met Gala’s Gilded Age theme with a bombastic and elegant outfit inspired by the era’s military uniforms, the rapper said, “Last night, I was working. I’m working on my new album, it’s out this Friday,” to cheers from the audience. “After the Met Gala, I was still working. I went to the studio with the same outfit!”

Bad Bunny went on to talk about the funny looks he was getting, working on music in his Met Gala attire. “People in the studio were looking at me like, ‘Really? You’re gonna record a reggeaton song with that look?'”

Whatever his artistic process might be, it’s obviously working for him. Bad Bunny is the most streamed artist of the last two years, and his ability to balance that with a burgeoning acting career and his role as a style icon is pretty much unmatched by any and all of his contemporaries.

Stream Bad Bunny’s new album “Un Verano Sin Ti” starting Friday at midnight!