In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite artists around the world. The first stop in this series is Mexico. Here’s the artists from Mexico that are breaking through.

Danna Paola

Before becoming a Mexican pop princess, Danna Paola rose to prominence in her country from appearing in children’s telenovelas. Later on, she launched her music career that really took off after starring in the hit Netflix show Élite. Last year Paola renewed her music contract with Universal Music Group and her album K.O. reached the top 10 of Billboard‘s Pop Albums chart. She’s become a force in Latin pop, especially with her recent single “Kaprichosa.”

Gera MX

In the Mexican rap game, Gera MX is leading the way. He made history with Mexican crooner Christian Nodal this year. Their boozy collaboration “Botella Tras Botella” became the first regional Mexican music song to enter the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 chart. Gera MX has become a go-to collaborator, recently featuring on fellow Mexicano Rámon Vega’s “Wiken.”

“I share this [achievement] with a lot of rappers,” Gera MX told mitú in May. “I think constantly making good music and putting my soul in my music took my name there. I’m enjoying this moment, but I’m still the same person. The same player with ambitions. I’m hungry every day to go out and do more.”

Ed Maverick

Ed Maverick has become one of Mexico’s biggest alternative artists. He made noise on a global scale this year by featuring on Spanish rapper’s C. Tangana’s “Párteme La Cara.” After years of buzz, Maverick released his debut album Eduardo in May. His picturesque writing comes through in beautiful songs like “Ensenada.”

“My music is not anything egocentric,” Maverick said in May. “I make music for myself. I need to express myself with my music and if someone identifies with it, qué ching*n.”

Carin Leon

Carin Leon is a rising star in the regional Mexican music scene. His sierreño cover of Noelia’s “Tú” was the most-streamed regional Mexican song on Spotify last year. Earlier this year he featured one of the year’s most gorgeous songs, “Cambia!” with C. Tangana and Adriel Favela. In the collaboration, they mixed corridos with elements of pop and flamenco. Leon continued to push the boundaries of his genre with the Inédito album.

“The art in our music is very underestimated,” Leon said in May. “I want to inspire people and the next generation of artists to dare to experiment with our music, to always be sincere with it, and to try new things. It’s our regional Mexican music and you can mix it with other things.”

Ivonne Galaz

In the corridos tumbados movement that has swept over Gen-Z on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border, Ivonne Galaz is leading the way for women. She first made an impact in 2019 after featuring on her labelmate Natanael Cano’s song “Golpes De La Vida.” This year, she beautifully summed up her experience to break through on her debut album Voy En Camino. It’s the title track that’s the most telling of her journey.

“There’s women who are afraid to get into this genre because they think corridos tumbados is just for the men when it’s not like that,” Galaz said in March. “I hope they see me as an inspiration. If they ask for my help, I’ll give them advice on how I did it and had the patience to do it.”

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