The wedding day should be a joyful celebration and the beginning of an exciting new chapter for a couple. Unfortunately, this was not the case for one woman who decided to leave her husband after he smashed her face into their cake.

A woman named Mindless-Charge-5996 on Reddit shared her story of how she decided to leave her husband because he played a prank on her, even though she had asked him not to do so.

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Social media users are discussing how the tradition of smearing frosting on each other’s faces has developed. However, some believe that cake smashing can be violent and distressing.

The woman disclosed that on her 17th birthday, her mother smashed her face into the cake, resulting in a cut on her forehead

In an initial message, posted on Reddit at the end of August but now deleted from the social network, the 27-year-old explained that she and her 29-year-old boyfriend had been in a relationship for three years. 

She thought of him as somewhat immature back then, but not selfish. She believed it all began because those silly cake-smashing videos became popular, and her husband found them amusing.

The young woman clarified that her husband knew about her family’s tradition of cake smashing. Recounting that when she turned 17; she implored her mother not to partake in it. 

Her mother made a promise not to do so but ultimately broke her word when it was time to blow out the candles.

“My mom pushed my head into the cake, and one decoration on the cake ended up slicing my forehead. Not enough to go to the hospital, but enough for some substantial bleeding,” she wrote. “My birthday was ruined, and I wouldn’t leave my room afterward. My mom still calls me a brat for that.”

She asked her fiancé to not smash her face into cake

In her message, the young woman said that she was excited about her wedding and felt like a princess. However, when it came time to cut the cake, her worst nightmare came true.

“We get to the cake-cutting part, and as I turn to him, he scoops up a huge chunk of our wedding cake and smashes it all over my face,” she said.

Adding, “Everything seemed to go in slow motion for a few moments. He laughed at me, then said, ‘You should see your face,’ and continued to laugh. Other people in the crowd (mostly my family) also laugh at me. Then I walked away.”

In a new message in which she updated her situation, she explained that although feeling hurt, she didn’t regret her decision. Explaining that, on the contrary, she has moved forward with her life, collecting her things from the house and getting ready to take therapy.

People are calling out the red flags in her relationship on Reddit and TikTok

The thread sparked an interesting debate on social media, with people expressing mixed reviews. Some show solidarity with her, while others question how she could have gotten to that point without realizing who the type of person she planned to spend her life with was.

“She did right, and she should leave him. Respect and tenderness to each other’s wounds is important,” a TikTok user commented.

Some agree that the cake-smashing practice is in poor taste.

“I took my wife’s cake and offered her a bite, then touched it lightly on her nose. I will add that we cut the cake with our wedding sword. Smashing cake is almost worse than gender reveals. Almost,” shared another person.


a little communication goes a long way🫶🏻 wedding cake is meant to be enjoyed, not squished into a face 🥺 ib @mak #weddingday #cakesmash #cakecutting #weddingcake

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Some understand that his reaction was exaggerated:

“Your reaction seems like you have some kind of emotional dysregulation,” another Reddit user wrote.

Others point out that being in an abusive relationship sometimes prevents them from seeing red flags.

“I just want you to know that I am proud of you for standing up for yourself and not accepting this abuse. Abuse can be an enormously difficult cycle to break, especially when it’s what we have accustomed our whole life,” added one user.