Representation keeps growing for Latinos, with many questioning stereotypical messages shared on social media platforms, especially for those interested in dating.

A TikTok content creator under the username kyleorive_ went viral by posting a video where he shared his tips on keeping a Latina in your romantic life based on his experience. 

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The clip quickly gained popularity. The creator discusses keeping Latinas happy and in love by following specific rules to avoid unnecessary arguments and awkward moments.

“I have said this in videos before, but you have to reassure the f*ck out of a Latina girl. You should reassure any girl you are with, but with Latinas, it’s multiple times a day, constantly, every single day,” he said.

Latinas have been depicted with stereotypes as being aggressive, jealous and toxic in pop culture

In an interview published on, Dr. Celestino Fernández, a sociology professor at the University of Arizona, pointed to commonly used Latino stereotypes in media.

He pointed out that society often portrays Latino men as criminals and characterizes Latinas as jealous, loud, or with more prominent backsides. An example of this theory is Sofia Vergara‘s character in “Modern Family.”

“The most common stereotype of Latinos today is that of the ‘poor immigrant’ and someone who speaks English with a Latino accent,” he said. “For males, the stereotype also includes being a drug dealer and a criminal. For women, it includes being a peasant or having a big, sexy back figure,” shared the expert.

Other platforms like Reddit also discuss this topic. Last month, the user Flyingkeyboard1000 started a conversation about the memes on social media that depicted what it’s like dating Latinas. Specifically, they asked others if they found them funny or cringeworthy.

The “dating a Latina” topic has become widespread as many share their experiencing dating and being a Latina

While some share funny videos on dating Latinas, many point out the advantages. Others critique social dynamics more seriously. On Quora, some users reflect on the pros and cons of dating Latinas.

“Some pros include that Latinas are typically family-oriented, passionate, and supportive partners. On the downside, some people may find Latinas to be too emotional or fiery for them. Additionally, they can be quite demanding and may expect their partner to conform to traditional gender roles within relationships,” one user wrote.

On X, some mention their “fiery” nature. As this user notes, you can go from “‘papi’ to ‘pendejo'” real quick!”

Others bring up brujería:

Also, on TikTok, some share videos about obsessive behavior and jealousy.

Some talk about how family can be controlling.

As this TikTok user points out, it could be the best or the worst of times, but you have to work for it.

But one thing Kyle…and all of us agree on: Latinas are the best.