If you’ve ever had the pleasure or privilege of being around elderly people, you know they are one of society’s greatest treasures. From our abuelas and abuelos to those we may encounter randomly, their stories are a consistent blend of hilarity and sometimes sorrow.

An Uber driver was recently tasked with a difficult mission: abandoning an abuelita in a retirement home after her family kicked her out. TikTok user Cristian Michell narrates the now-viral story in a video.

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It all started when he was hired for an unexpected task. Arriving at the pick-up location, he saw an abuelita sitting outside a two-story home with her clothes packed in several trash bags.

The driver said he didn’t think he was there to pick her up since she had not requested the ride. Then, he was heartbroken to find out she was, in fact, his client.

This TikToker was hired to abandon an abuelita at a retirement home after her daughter and son-in-law got mad at her

After learning he was tasked to drop an abuelita off at a retirement home, Uber driver Cristian Michell got out of the car and helped her.

In the viral video, he narrates that how elderly woman was crying as he approached her. Saying she didn’t want to leave and asked him to text her daughter and tell her “she would wash her clothes.”

According to Michell, when he helped the abuelita get in the car, he noticed she had urinated on herself. He placed a towel in the back seat. Then, she told him what happened after blessing her daughter’s home.

“She lowered the window and blessed the house before we took off. Then she told me that earlier that morning her son-in-law got mad at her because she peed herself. She’s elderly and has urinary incontinence,” he says.

Michell adds the son-in-law told her “no te soporto” and that he no longer wanted her in his home. Then he said, “I’m going to send you to a place where you’ll be comfortable, but I’ll be more comfortable without you.”

The woman’s daughter did not defend her.

Earlier that morning, the grandmother made breakfast for her granddaughters and lunch for her son-in-law

Even more heartbreaking? Before getting kicked out of her home, the abuelita made breakfast for her granddaughters and lunch for her son-in-law.

Michell narrated that the abuelita was making her son-in-law lunch to take to work when she accidentally urinated herself. Then, he started yelling at her and saying she was “un asco” as he packed her stuff into trash bags.


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Meanwhile, her daughter turned on the television and pretended not to watch what was happening.

The abuelita also told the driver her daughter was not like this before, but started acting this way after she sold all her properties and distributed her money among her children. The driver said the woman was waiting outside the home for over an hour before he picked her up.

Adding to the tragedy, it was the abuelita’s birthday

As if it couldn’t get worse, once the driver dropped off the woman at the retirement home, she gave him one last detail: it was her birthday.

TikTok users wept in the comments section, condemning the cruel act.

“Even if my mom hasn’t been nice to me and has treated me like i’m not her daughter which i’m not I would never do that to her 💔 one day karma” one user wrote.

Others now want to visit her wherever she is, “Is this in Mexico city? I don’t have parents or siblings and would like to visit her.”

The driver also received compliments for his kindness.

“You are a kind person. I suffered with you hearing this sad story,” another commented.