A Mexican taco truck owner just went viral for his kindness, and it’s making our Friday.

In a video posted on the TikTok account of Joshua Liljenquist, known as @joshlilj, the influencer approaches the vendor seeking help to feed people without homes.

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Handing Out 33 Tacos To People In Need ❤️

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“Would you rather have a hundred bucks for yourself right now or have you make a hundred worth of food if we can hand it out to the homeless,” he asked the business owner.

The unnamed Mexican vendor responded by offering a substantial discount, even giving the influencer some tacos.

“It’s $99. Actually, since you are doing this for the homeless, I’m going to charge you only $60,” he said. 

After delivering the food to homeless people, the influencer reciprocated the taco’s truck vendor kindness with a surprise

Liljenquist extended a special gesture to the taco vendor. After distributing food to the homeless, he returned to the truck to talk to the owner and return some of his generosity.

The influencer handed him $500 and shared inspiring words about how people like him make a difference.

“For being a good person,” he said handing the taco truck owner the money. “You gave us a deal on the tacos, so this is for you.”

With emotions rising, the Mexican man thanked him for the gesture with blessings and words of admiration for his work helping others.

In addition, the vendor shared how much he loves helping. He said a homeless woman visits him three times a week, asking for food through the window, and he always offers her two tacos.

“If God gave me this business, it’s for something, you know,” the food truck owner said. 

The vendor’s act of kindness inspired others, with people asking how they could reciprocate by buying his tacos

Helping homeless individuals is Liljenquist’s primary goal. His actions have garnered over three million followers on this platform alone. Naturally, this video sparked reactions from users, both directed at the vendor and the influencer.

On TikTok, many people are asking about the business he visits to show their support.

“Again, please show the name and location of places where you get food so they get more business.”

Others said how much they enjoy the food from food trucks and appreciate the service: “Taco truck workers are always the nicest people,” shared a user.

Another person added: “The business owner is amazing. I love how you are helping the less fortunate.”

On Instagram, the users express how they enjoy this type of inspirational content and admiration for the person behind it.

“I Love what you’re doing! Angels walk among us,” they commented. With another sharing: “I love watching your videos. It is an inspiration to all of us. Do good things, and they will always return to you,” wrote a person.