Widower James Alvarez, who famously recreated his late wife’s pregnancy photoshoot with his daughter, is finally “able to fully heal.” As Alvarez shared on Instagram, the driver accused of killing his wife just pled guilty.

On August 11, 2020, Alvarez and his late wife Yesenia Aguilar, who was 35 weeks pregnant at the time, were on their evening walk in Anaheim, California. Tragically, a driver suspected of driving under the influence hit Aguilar. As Alvarez recalled to TODAY, “By the time we saw the car coming towards us, it was too late.”

“I remember looking at my wife laying there and thinking ’This is a nightmare. Let me wake up,'” he added. Tragically, Aguilar died from her injuries at the hospital. However, doctors were able to save their daughter, Adalyn, through an emergency C-section.

Today, Adalyn is three-and-a-half years old, and Alvarez still refers to her as his “miracle baby.” Even more, the widower recreates his wife’s maternity photoshoot every year with Adalyn on her birthday. As Alvarez previously described to mitú, “Every time I look at my daughter, I’m seeing my wife.”

Fast-forward to today, and Alvarez “can finally put an end to this chapter” now that his wife’s accused killer has pled guilty.

The driver accused of hitting Aguilar while under the influence just pled guilty to murder

As reported by The Sacramento Bee, Courtney Fritz Pandolfi, 44, is accused of hitting Aguilar with her Jeep SUV while driving under the influence. As per prosecutors, Pandolfi had three prior DUI convictions and a fourth pending DUI case.

About the charges, District Attorney Todd Spitzer stated: “This was not an accident. This is a woman who made a habit of driving while high.”

“[Pandolfi] knew it was wrong, but she decided that being high was more important than the life of a young woman who was just weeks away from becoming a mother for the first time.”

As per KTLA, Pandolfi pled guilty on Tuesday to murder, one felony count of driving under the influence of drugs causing bodily injury with two or more prior DUI convictions, a misdemeanor count of driving under the influence of drugs, and a misdemeanor for possessing controlled substance paraphernalia.

Pandolfi also pled guilty to two misdemeanor counts of driving under a suspended license. Prosecutors allege that the accused driver “was under the influence of a drug cocktail” at the time.

The 44-year-old pled guilty just before her set trial. Alvarez and three-year-old daughter, Adalyn, attended the court date in Santa Ana to face Pandolfi.

According to ABC 7, Alvarez said at the time: “I can finally put an end to this chapter and be able to fully heal… It’s been a long three years.” He later told Pandolfi, “I am just thankful that you finally took the responsibility for your actions.”

Over on Instagram, Alvarez shared that he hopes his story serves as an inspiration of strength. “I hope by sharing my story and pain, I can inspire others to never give up like I have,” he explained. “My daughter gives me the strength to keep going and to keep fighting.”

The widower previously told mitú, “My wife gave up her life to save my daughter and because of her, I have such a beautiful daughter by my side.”

“Wifey, if you’re listening, I hope I’m making you proud.”