It’s not everyday you view a TikTok video that makes you immediately tear up. We’re used to seeing endless makeup tutorials (yeah, our eyeliner technique is top-tier now), new recipes, all the nifty señora hacks you can think of, and even high school marching bands playing “La Chona” (we’re still dancing to it).

But now and then, a video comes around that truly makes our jaws drop — and restores our faith in humanity.

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TikTok user @becccamooore first shared a video talking about how she got robbed while attending the music festival Coachella. While she thought a man was simply “hitting on” her, he instead stole her phone, credit card, and the keys to her rental car. She was left stranded with “no money, no phone, no way to get anywhere,” but luckily, she met someone who would help her get through all of it: her Uber driver, Raul Torres.


the uber driver that saved me from going missing is @buds4u559!! 😭 after spending the day w him he told me his daughter is a senior in high school & is having a hard time going through chemo. i made a gofundme, he could’ve left me and didn’t have to help me the way he did! I’d love to help his fam give his daughter a normal end to her senior year of high school this year (prom!!) i’m putting it in my bio!!

♬ original sound – becca moore

Becca Moore explained in another video how her Uber driver Torres, whose TikTok handle is @buds4u559, “saved” her — and we never expected the story to take that many turns.

Moore described how Torres “insisted” on staying with her because he had an “instinct” she needed help, even when she pretended like everything was fine. While she had a plan to simply buy another phone, Torres instead took her to the police station and they filed a report. The two then got Starbucks together, and he even helped her track down her phone and credit card when the police “wouldn’t help.”


thank god he refused to leave me 😭 raul’s tiktok is @buds4u559. also you can donate to the fam in my bio!! thank you all for your donations and generosity. you today, me tomorrow!! #TipsForRaul

♬ original sound – becca moore

So what was left to do after that whole debacle? Go for some margaritas, obviously. The two headed out for some margs, and Torres even accompanied Moore to rent another car so she could get home. However, while that is an amazing, heartwarming story in itself, it actually goes much further than meets the eye.

In the video, Moore explained how Torres told her that his daughter is currently going through chemotherapy, while his father also had cancer. In charge of caring for both of them, Torres was left with no other option but to become an Uber driver. 

His daughter Myra is a senior in high school preparing for her prom and graduation, “but because she’s going through chemo, normal high school things and teenager things are really hard for her to experience.” 

Knowing how Torres had ended his Uber shift early to help her out, expecting nothing in return, Moore set up a GoFundMe for the family — and it’s already raised more than $137,000.

As Moore FaceTimed with the family, explaining how “they’re all amazing” and “stuck” with her forever, she found out that Torres decided not to work the next day because his father wasn’t doing well. Tragically, Raul’s father passed away the next day, so the GoFundMe will also cover his funeral expenses. The fundraiser will also go to anything Myra needs for her prom, such as her dress and wig.

In her video, Moore described her own disbelief, speaking about how Torres took a whole day to help her out through problems that “did not matter” while he was going through unbelievable difficulties in his own life. When talking about it with the Torres family, they explained how Raul does this “all the time” and “helps everyone.”