Rudolph “Rudy” Farias IV, 25, just spoke out for the first time after being falsely reported as missing for the last eight years.

As Houston‘s police department explained in a recent press conference, Farias came home just one day after he was reported missing on March 6, 2015. This runs contrary to the claim that he was missing for nearly a decade — with non-profit Texas EquuSearch “temporarily suspending” the investigation for years.

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Earlier this month, Farias’ case was hailed a “miracle.” Texas EquuSearch announced on Twitter, “Rudy has been located safe. Please continue to keep his family in your prayers.” However, the case took a turn when Farias’ mother’s neighbors claimed “That boy has never been missing.”

Neighbor Kisha Ross set the facts straight to ABC 13: “[Farias] used to come in my garage, chill with my cousin, son, and daughter.” Another neighbor asked, “I’m confused right now, like, what’s going on?”

Houston authorities say they are investigating why Farias’ mother Janie Santana “continued to deceive police by remaining adamant that Rudy was still missing.”

Now, amid several reports that his mother abused him, the 25-year-old is finally speaking out about what happened all of these years.

While police confirmed Farias was never missing, others described his mother’s “horrific” abuse

Reports continue to swirl about whether Farias was abused by his mother.

Activist Quanell X told Fox 26 Houston that Farias shared details about his mother’s alleged “horrific” abuse.

“I heard horrific things from that young man,” he explained. “No child should ever be treated like that by his own mother. This young man said when he initially ran away, he came back two days later.”

Quanell X described what could make Farias, an adult, stay in the house and allow his mother to falsely report him as missing. “[Santana] told him that he had to hide, that he was going to get in trouble, and that they were going to arrest him for running away.”

“Whenever the investigators would come, she would hide him in the house,” he said.

The activist also said that Farias told him he “was tired of living like a slave.”

Even more disturbing, he said Farias told him his mother would “make him sleep in the bed with her” and act like “her husband.” Apart from alleged sexual abuse, the activist also said Santana would provide drugs to her son.

However, Houston police did not entertain these allegations at the subsequent press conference.

When asked about Santana’s alleged abuse, the department responded, “Based on Rudy’s interview, there were no reports of sexual abuse… if there is a disclosure made, we will continue to investigate.”

Still, they notably referred to Farias as a “potential victim.”

Now, Farias is finally speaking out about his version of events in the last eight years

Farias sat down with Fox 26 Houston to discuss his side of the story.

“It’s as if I lived in a prison,” he told the outlet. “I just wanted to be free. I just wanted to live my life.”

The 25-year-old said his mother would manipulate him while he lived with her. “She would manipulate me into saying I would get arrested for [a] speeding ticket.”

Farias said his interactions with his mother “felt like brainwashing.” He added that it felt like “Stockholm syndrome,” referring to the psychological condition of victims who form a bond with their abuser.

Even more heartbreaking? Since Farias had to go along with the lie that he was missing, he could not interact with family or loved ones.

“Somebody would come up, my mom would just tell me to stay in the room, keep the door locked, don’t let them in [and] don’t make any sounds,” he recalled.

“I would just have to listen to my family, be happy and cheerful on the other side of the [door],” he explained. “I wanted to scream for them, but at the same time I couldn’t.”

In the interview, Farias said his mother pushed his “boundaries” but did not allege sexual abuse

Farias assured to ABC 13 that his mother never “handcuffed” him to keep him in the house. In fact, he alleged psychological abuse more than anything else.

“It just kept confusing me, the way she would manipulate me into saying, ‘You’re going to get arrested.'”

“She locked me in there pretty much, mentally,” he told the outlet. “She was my only parent, the only person I really ever had besides my brother. When I lost my brother, I didn’t have anyone to teach me how to live, or to have confidence or trust in myself. So I depended on my mom all my life.”

The 25-year-old also took the time to talk about Quanell X’s sexual abuse claims.

“I used to have to sleep in her bed sometimes,” Farias explained.

“Boundaries she would push or make me uncomfortable, and I would say ‘Stop,’ and she would say, ‘Why? Why? Why? I didn’t do anything wrong.'”

He also asserted to Fox 26 Houston, “She didn’t force herself on me or anything like that. It would never be anything like that. Just stuff that really made me uncomfortable.”

Where is Rudy Farias now?

Many people grew angry after Houston police said Farias was back home with his mother.

Police Chief Troy Finner said in the press conference about the case, “Rudy is safe. He is with his mother by choice.”

Many people felt disbelief, with one Twitter user summing it up with: “Why is the mother not being arrested? Why is he home with her again?”

Even Farias’ own family members were shocked. Farias’ aunt and Santana’s half-sister Pauline Sanchez told KHOU 11 that Santana is a “liar.” She said, “I’m going to have to say she knows a lot of people in [Houston’s police department] and that’s why her freaking a** has been covered up.”

Another relative named Michelle Rodriguez asked, “Why in the freaking world did they let her go?”

As per ABC13, Farias no longer lives with his mother and has cut contact with her. Police says the investigation is ongoing.

He told the outlet that while he “heavily” considers himself a victim, he always wanted to be “free,” have a job, and live independently.

His plans for the future? “I just want to live my life… have a family, a car, a house. I just want to live my life and be happy.”