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Just when you thought you’d heard enough stories about tigers to last you a lifetime, another one pops up out of nowhere and captures the nation’s attention. For the past week, Houstonians have been on the edge of their seats, waiting to see how the saga of India the tiger turned out.

On May 9th, an off-duty police officer arrived at a neighborhood in Houston after he heard a report of a tiger prowling a nearby yard.

The officer arrived with his gun drawn, obviously wary of how the dangerous animal would behave. Shortly after the cop arrived, a young man rushed out of his nearby house and claimed the tiger as his own. He put the animal into his car and sped away. A neighbor caught the entire ordeal on video. Once the video hit the internet, naturally, it went viral.

Police identified the mysterious young man as Victor Hugo Cuevas, a 26-year-old Texas man who also happens to be on bail for murder charges. The tiger was identified as a 9-month-old male tiger named India. Cuevas’s lawyer insisted that the tiger did not belong to his client. He claimed his client was innocent of all accusations (including murder, of course).

But while Cuevas was in jail for violating his bond, India the tiger was still nowhere to be found.

The mystery captured Houston’s attention. Then the media’s. Then the nation’s. The notorious Carole Baskin even offered a $5,000 reward for whoever found India the tiger.

Finally, on Saturday, Houston police announced that they had found India. According to Cuevas’s lawyer, India the tiger had been dropped off at a local tennis club.

Police identified India’s owners as Victor Hugo Cuevas and his wife, Georgie “Gia” Cuevas. Their lawyer still refuses to admit that his client is, indeed, India the tiger’s owner.

Thankfully, India the tiger has since been transferred to a new, more appropriate home: an animal sanctuary in Murchison, Texas called Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.

“We are happy to take India back home to Black Beauty, where he will be introduced into a half-acre, naturally-wooded habitat, with a pool, trees, platform and a proper nutritious diet,” said Noelle Almrud, the sanctuary’s senior director.

As for where India the tiger was hiding the week that the entire city was looking for her, that’s a secret we might never know.