Many of us partake in the classic Latino birthday tradition “la mordida,” A.K.A. when your entire family yells “mordida, mordida” after blowing out your candles.

The classic custom essentially translates to “take a bite,” but it’s much more than just biting a bit of cake and icing. In fact, “la mordida” involves your closest loved ones savagely pushing your face into your birthday cake (yep, childhood memories unlocked). While fun and hilarious, it can actually have very scary consequences — at least for one woman who shared her story on social media.

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The woman almost lost her eye on her birthday

As you can see in photos of the accident, a woman got her face pushed into her birthday cake… and ended up in the hospital. How? Well, no one realized the cake actually had pointy wooden sticks inside to keep the layers in place. Her loved ones pushed her face in, and unfortunately, she got one of the sticks inside her eye. Ouch.

Other photos posted by Noticias Digital show how the stick got into the corner of the woman’s eye socket. She ended up at the hospital that night and as per Telediario, almost lost her eye. Thankfully, she left the hospital with her eye intact — and a patch over it to assist with the healing process.

Twitter user @ArrobadoraW posted that the birthday girl is her friend, writing: “Please be careful with this stupid trend of pushing faces inside birthday cakes, sometimes bakers use sticks to stabilize cakes.”

This is how people are reacting to the story

Over on social media, people are just a bit traumatized by this story — and are seeing “la mordida” tradition in a different way. One Twitter user wrote, “The objective is to try to leave those jokes behind. Very unfortunate.” Another warned, “Careful, so no one is injured and celebrations turn into tragedies.” Yet another user said they have a “new fear unlocked,” and… same.

It turns out this woman isn’t nearly the first to get injured after being pushed into a birthday cake. In fact, one Twitter user posted how he ended up with a bloody forehead after the tradition. He asked, “Is this the third eye everyone talks about?” While still finding some humor in it, he made sure to warn everyone about any “palillos” inside cakes.

There’s no doubt this story will surely make many think twice about “la mordida” tradition going forward— or at least inspire us all to check for sticks inside. The more you know!