Dr. Bianca Silva, D.O. is a family medicine resident physician at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center’s Napa-Solano, California location. The Pacific Northwest University medical school graduate is committed to helping others — just as much as her Mexican immigrant parents helped her.

As reported by NBC Bay Area, the physician’s parents Martin Silva and Leticia Silva did whatever it took to get their daughter through med school.

In fact, the proud parents actually sold their “dream home” in order to fund Silva’s education.

“We had to give up our dream home when she was accepted into the medical school,” the mother explained. “So we knew that one way we can help her financially is by selling the house and moving into a smaller home.”

There’s no doubt the parents sacrificed one of their biggest achievements to help their daughter. However, they never would have expected what happened once she became a physician.

The physician’s parents crossed the border at a young age and “worked several jobs”

East Bay-based Silva has studied hard to get where she is today, all in the name of honoring her parents’ sacrifices.

One look at the physician’s LinkedIn profile shows she graduated with an Associates of Arts degree in Natural Sciences and Mathematics from Napa Valley Community College, a dual Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical & Biological Chemistry and Biological Sciences, and a Doctor Of Osteopathic Medicine degree at Pacific Northwest University.

It’s no wonder Silva recently called her D.O. degree “the most expensive piece of paper” she has had to “pay for to date.” Still, she said, “the level of satisfaction and relief in the end is priceless.”


The most expensive piece of paper I’ve had to pay for to date, but the level of satisfaction and relief in the end is priceless. 💫🤍#LatinaPhysician #Latinagrad #DOgrad #PNWUhealth #FM #happygirlera #bienchingona #trusttheprocess #diplomareveal

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In another TikTok video, Silva showed what graduating from medical school meant to her family.

She posted a clip showing her parents congratulating her for her medical degree, explaining, “I am SO honored to be the first physician in my family.”

Silva also described how her parents’ belief in her pushed her to keep going. “The level of commitment and support my parents showed towards me motivated me to pull through and reciprocate it in the form of my D.O. degree.”


Throughout my entire educational journey and especially in the most challenging moments along the way, the level of commitment and support my parents showed towards me motivated me to pull through and reciprocate it in the form of my D.O. degree. I am SO honored to be the first physician in my family. Love you mom & dad. 🫶🤍 #LatinaPhysician #Latinx #Latinagrad #PNWUhealth #May20 #FM

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Silva’s parents didn’t just sell their home to fund her medical school education— their sacrifices actually started much before that. As the proud physician posted on TikTok, her parents crossed the Mexican border to give her opportunities as an adult.

“POV: Your parents suffered crossing the border at a very young age, leaving their family behind, learning a new language, worked several jobs,” Silva described. “And raised you in a happy, healthy, and loving household just to give you the opportunity for a better future.”

As one commenter put it, this is “such a beautiful way to honor them.” Silva later added, “They planted the seed and we grew it 🌱.”

Silva is “forever grateful” to her parents, and gets to remind them at the same medical provider where they work

As fate would have it, upon graduating from medical school, Silva found herself completing her residency at Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center. A great place for someone from East Bay, right? Well, the medical provider is actually quite special to Silva in more ways than one.

As per NBC Bay Area, the physician actually received medical care at the very same provider as a child.

Even more incredible? Her parents have actually worked at the same provider for decades.

Leticia Silva began working at Kaiser Permanente’s pharmacy many years ago, and now works there as an administrative assistant. Meanwhile, her husband Martin Silva works at Kaiser’s Richmond Medical Center as a gardener.

Now, as the proud father explained to NBC, “I feel proud. I feel happy.”

Meanwhile, the physician also honors her grandfather Raul for his “tremendous sacrifices,” presenting her degree to his grave.

Silva wrote on TikTok how her grandfather came “into this country alone, [made] 39 cents a day working in the fields,” and eventually opened a welding business to provide for his family.

She explained how his hard work “all led up” to her med school degree. “This degree is for you. I love you, forever 🤍🕊️🇲🇽,” she wrote.”


June 10th, 2023: Grandfather Raul, the tremendous sacrifices you made to come into this country alone, make 39 cents a day working in the fields, and eventually opening up your own welding business to support your growing family all led up to what I now present to you today. This degree is for you. I love you, forever. 🤍🕊️🇲🇽 El dia 10 de Junio, 2023: Abuelito Raul, los sacrificios tremendos que usted hizo para venir a este pais y llegar solo, ganar 39 centavos por hora trabajando en el campo, y con el tiempo, abrir su propio negocio de herrería y soldador para ayudar a su familia. Y basado de todos estos sacrificios, hoy te presento mi titulo de doctora. Te amare, por siempre. 🤍🕊️🇲🇽 * * * * #EsfuerzoLatino #LeEcheGanas #YoPorTi #TuPorMi #Abuelo #Angel #LatinaPhysician #Latinx #FamilyMedicine #DOGrad #educada

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