Let’s talk about breaking generational curses. Or, better yet, let’s talk about what our parents have done for us and how we can honor them.

If there’s one thing Latinos know, it’s that there are cycles we should not repeat.

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In a thread on Reddit, the community is talking about what it meant for our parents to fight to give us a better future, and the comments are golden.

Honor to whom honor is due

Beyond the harmful stereotypes of delinquents, Latinos know that it is our responsibility to break the bad reputation, starting at home.

It is no longer a matter of the famous “you have to adapt” but of understanding the efforts of our parents to give us a world of opportunities.

Parents and the diaspora experience

Other users talk about the reality of being first-generation, having a degree, and still being unable to escape the circle of poverty.

Between systemic and ideological obstacles, users perfectly describe the diaspora experience.

The burden of success

For others, parental sacrifice is too much pressure. Several users claim to have earned a university degree to avoid embarrassing their family, even if it was not their vocation.

Is it a parenting problem?

For other users, Latinos who don’t take advantage of opportunities are an example of a parenting problem.

However, most claim that Latino parenting has always been focused on pursuing opportunities and hard work.

The beauty of the middle ground

Finally, some argue that typical adolescence can be lived without wasted opportunities. Parents are only part of the equation.

In one way or another, few social media threads describe the Latino community experience so well.