As TikTok user Ruben Cervantes explains, “the ground isn’t even for everyone,” as our place in society so often stems from the conditions we are born in — in short, inequality begins at birth. The TikToker recently met a 12-year-old boy from Durango who fights hardship every day to get to school, making for one of the most inspiring stories you’ll read today.

Cervantes met sixth grader Jose as the child walked on the side of the road, hoisting up a plastic bag full of books on his shoulder. The video shows how the man asks the boy where he’s going, getting the reply: “To school.”

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Jose refers to the plastic bag as his “backpack,” and explains he has gone to school without a proper bag since he was six years old. Describing the long route he must take to get to school, the boy says he walks “half an hour” back and forth every day.

While there are buses available in his area, Jose tells the TikToker that he cannot afford to ride one. At that point, Cervantes hands the boy a camouflage-print backpack full of school supplies like notebooks, colors, and erasers.

Jose immediately smiles wide, and replies a joyful “yes” when asked if he likes it.

The TikToker also hands Jose 100 pesos, but the boy is taken aback, immediately saying: “No, it’s fine, the backpack is enough, thank you.” Clearly possessing discipline, manners, and utmost buenos modales, the boy goes on to walk to school — showing just how dedicated he is to working hard and making something of his life.

The TikTok user soon posted a follow-up video, seeing Jose again on the street who is shown using his new backpack. The two greet each other warmly, with the child smiling at him immediately. He says he is just getting out of school, and Cervantes says he has a surprise for him.

Moments later, Cervantes pulls out a blue bicycle from his car, gifting it to the boy who can hardly believe it. Jose is so emotional he sits on the ground and embraces his new bike, later calming down — but with a permanent smile on his face.

Cervantes says the bike is so Jose “does not have to walk to school anymore,” and he gives the boy a bit more money to give to his mother. The TikTok user also says in the video he will keep checking on Jose and visiting him periodically, and the boy asks him: “Can I give you a hug?” The two embrace, and Jose rides off on his new bike.

TikTok users can’t stop reacting to these videos, particularly commenting on Jose’s difficult circumstances. One user wrote, “I wish more kids in the AMERICA COULD APPRECIATE WHAT THEY HAVE,” with another commenting, “Dang it I love this kid so humble even though he ain’t got much [his] heart is big and full of love 🥰.”

Others commented on how emotional the videos made them, such as, “I lost it when he hugged the bike but then he asked to give a hug🥺” and “‘Can I give you a hug?’ I cried 😢.” There aren’t many dry eyes in the room after seeing these videos (us included) and we wish Jose the best of luck!