Securities laws have long prevented a lot of people from being able to invest in companies. Yet, a recent change to the law has made it so anyone can now invest in the companies that they love and the brands that represent their culture.

Lil’ Libros is giving people a chance to invest in their company.

A recent change to securities laws is giving people a chance to invest in companies like never before. Previously there were certain benchmarks people had to reach in order to be an accredited investor so that you could invest. This required people to have hundreds of thousands of dollars on hand or a net worth of more than $1,000,000. This left a lot of people unable to invest in companies to grow their own personal wealth.

“Consumers are the new owners,” Patty Rodriguez, co-owner of Lil’ Libros with Ariana Stein, told mitú. “The time has come for us to own what we have built. In the past, investing in start-ups was something only rich people could legally do, making them even richer. But now, with these new laws, anyone can now invest in the companies they love. Fact is, as a community, we must have access to those same opportunities and that time is now.”

Fans of the bilingual children’s books jumped at the chance to invest.

The new way to invest is giving brands a chance to really capitalize on their communities while offering the community something to be proud of. In the case of Lil’ Libros, the community was able to invest in a children’s book that teaches about their heritage.

“We’ve raised over 2 million dollars in 5 days and mostly from our community,” Stein says. “The best thing about the raise is seeing the amount of first-time investors. 90 percent of our investors are new to investing! We are empowering an entire community to believe that they can build generational wealth and leave a legacy for their families. As first-generation Latino Americans, it is our responsibility to learn about these tools; to take the chances our parents didn’t take and leave wealth behind for our children.”

Allowing people to invest in companies like this helps the companies share the success with their community.

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Accessing the money you need to start a business can be tough and comes with a lot of stipulations. According to Stein and Rodriguez, this new way of investing creates an option for startups to get the capital they need without going to banks or wooing investors by giving up large shares of the company.

This also gives people a chance to make sure that the brands and companies they align with are taken care of. Stein and Rodriguez agree that giving people a chance to invest in a company they admire and agree with is mutually beneficial.

If you have ever wanted to invest in a company, now is the time.

WeFunder is a new equity crowdfunding platform that can connect you with companies you love if you want to invest. It is different from GoFuneMe of Kickstarter because you are buying in yo equity in the company instead of donating money or buying a product.

“Many of us have experienced the wealth gap firsthand but our collective power is what is going to lead us to systemic change and financial stability,” Stein says. “While this type of investing is new to many of us, it is important that we invest our money in companies we pour our money in, companies that are making a difference, and companies that are led by women and our community.”

“This is the future. We, the consumers, are the new owners,” Rodriguez says. “We should own what we have built. Investing is one way of closing the wealth gap in this country.”

If you want to learn more about equity crowdfunding, click here.

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