The two women caught on video seemingly bullying TikToker Jackie La Bonita responded with their own videos explaining their side of the story. The two-part response runs just over 12 minutes in total and covers every aspect of the video and the subsequent reaction from La Bonita’s followers.

Throughout the video, the two college students lay out the timeline of events from their point of view while being upfront about the death threats, insults, and harassment they are still dealing with.

Update (05/01): Jackie La Bonita responds to apologies

TikToker Jackie La Bonita finally responded to Litzareli Madrigal and Alondra Poullet on social media. La Bonita let her followers know she spoke with Madrigal and Poullet. The three women reportedly met and talked about the incident in detail.

In her video, La Bonita says, “That’s all I wanted; that’s all I was waiting for really. And I forgive them, and I really appreciate them for apologizing to me in person.”

La Bonita also addressed the harassment both women are facing alongside their families, friends, and businesses.

“Even though my feelings were hurt that night, there was no need for more hurt,” La Bonita said. “Their families do not deserve hate. I do not condone the threats; I don’t condone the bullying; I don’t condone the harassment of them or anyone else.”

Watch the full video here:


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Two students were caught bullying a TikToker at a Houston Astros game

It all started with a short clip of TikToker Jackie La Bonita trying to take pictures of herself at a Houston Astros game. According to the response video, her husband or boyfriend was the one operating the camera while the two women, Litzareli Madrigal and Alondra Poullet, sat uncomfortably behind her.

In La Bonita’s original clip, you can clearly see Madrigal and Poullet making faces at the camera and flipping her off from behind. At one point, you can hear one of the women exaggeratedly say “lame” while La Bonita looks embarrassed on-camera.

They say the ‘Houston Astros bullies’ story isn’t so straightforward

Although La Bonita’s clip runs less than a minute, Madrigal and Poullet say the photoshoot lasted much longer. Somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes, they estimate. To them, they only saw an older man pointing a camera in their direction for a long time.

They claim they had no idea who La Bonita was at the time since they were sitting behind her. Additionally, they were supposedly not trying to insult her specifically or make her feel bad, insisting they meant no real harm.

Here’s part one of the videos:

However, most of their explanation videos focus on the response from social media following La Bonita’s video. With 45 million views on TikTok alone, this is one of the year’s biggest videos thus far.

They say they are continuously getting death threats while others post and disseminate information about their home addresses, family members, school, and jobs. They openly ask for help with this and repeatedly ask people to stop making them feel afraid for their own safety.

Part two of the video focuses more on the impact this has on them

After getting their explanation out of the way in the first part of the response, they focus on the more immediate issues they’re facing. Namely, that thousands of people online are actively trying to ruin their lives.

“Our livelihoods are at risk,” Madrigal says at one point. Poullet adds to this, accusing La Bonita of doing it on purpose. “You knew that we were going to get hate. You knew that you were going to get hyped up,” she said. “And that made you feel good.”

Check out part two here:

Later in the video, Madrigal says the conflict started as two against one but quickly became much more widespread. Instead of dealing with it directly, they explained, La Bonita is responsible for getting mass amounts of people to target them, their families, and their futures.

Lastly, they ask La Bonita to reach out to them directly. They implied that they tried to reach her privately, so they made the explanation videos in the first place.

Commenters, however, aren’t buying it…

In response to the two explanation videos, commenters are continuously going after the two women and are accusing them of making things even worse with their response. “Long story short. They’re not apologizing, just trying to gaslight us,” the top comment on part one reads.

“Bullies never apologize and play the victim,” one commenter wrote. “‘Sorry it took a little bit of time to get back to you… we were trying to come up with a believable story,'” another commenter wrote, mocking the beginning of part one.

“They didn’t apologize. It actually felt like they were actually trying to bully her more and victimized themselves,” one commenter pointed out.

The women call out Cardi B

Many of the comments referenced their mention of Cardi B, who reposted the video on her Twitter page with the comment, “I would have put that ring to use.”

“What do you think is going to happen calling out Cardi B?” one commenter asked. “Nah cardi is real for this… Love herr,” wrote another. However, even the commenters who didn’t reference the Cardi B callout have nothing nice to say about this pair.

“Y’all said a bunch of nothing,” one comment read. Many people asked to see the video they were recording in the background of La Bonita’s video.

“So what’s your explanation for [recording] her and saying ‘laaaame’ or flicking her off hm?” one comment asked.

Others just advised to say sorry and move on.