Social media users are debating a new video posted by TikToker Jackie La Bonita, who has nearly 270,000 followers. In the video, La Bonita spots two women behind her making fun of her as she takes selfies at a Houston Astros game.

However, when she posted the video online, her followers took it even further. What started as one content creator sharing an uncomfortable experience quickly snowballed into intense online drama.

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Jackie La Bonita at a Houston Astros game

At a Houston Astros game, while La Bonita was taking photos, she spotted two girls behind her flipping their middle fingers at the camera and openly laughing.

In her original clip, which now has 35 million views and 6.6 million likes, La Bonita is seen taking pictures when the two women behind her start unintentionally(?) photo-bombing and giggling at each other.

Her followers react

La Bonita’s followers saw the video and immediately went to work identifying the two girls. As with every online investigation, it took them basically no time at all.

After they were found, people online began systematically insulting them and everyone they know. It reached a point where one of the girls’ boyfriends had to hop on TikTok and respond to the whole situation, especially after La Bonita’s followers started targeting a family business.

Internet sleuths uncovered a connection between one of the girls and a local Houston business called Limestone Commercial Real Estate. La Bonita’s followers started flooding the business with one-star reviews online. But, she doesn’t even work there.

The girl’s boyfriend took to TikTok and explained the situation, saying La Bonita’s followers are coming after him and every member of his family even though none of them had anything to do with it. Additionally, he called for the trolls to leave the business alone.

One TikToker broke down the entire situation

A TikTok user who goes by @chiefnosybystander compiled the original video, the responses, and a complete timeline of events. Part one of the video gives some context to the situation and also includes La Bonita’s original video in its entirety.

From there, she shows the boyfriend’s video calling for the cyberbullying to end and for people to stop harassing him, his family, and the business.


#greenscreen #greenscreenvideo jackie laBonita is trending and so are her apparent fans who decided to laugh at her while she was shooting content at an #astros game. The internet came to her defense and now the boyfriend has made a video #meangirls #baseballgame #teachablemoment4u

♬ original sound – Chief Nosy Bystander

However, part two of the breakdown focuses more on @chiefnosybystander’s response to the whole situation. She takes a stand, agreeing with the boyfriend’s POV, saying two wrongs don’t make a right.

For more of this TikToker’s take on the video, check out part two of the video here:


#greenscreenvideo #greenscreen this is part 2 of the viral video of Jackie LaBonita at the #houstonastros game and the mean girls behind her. #cardib took to the internet to let us know what she would have done with that colossal index ring. Also thr rest of the boyfriends statement #baseballgame#teachablemoment4u

♬ original sound – Chief Nosy Bystander

Cardi B gets involved on Twitter and sides with La Bonita

Cardi B herself is weighing in courtesy of a tweet she posted on April 22:

Many of Cardi’s fans agreed, echoing her tweet in their responses.

Thus far, nobody involved in the incident has come forward to respond. La Bonita briefly wrote and then deleted a comment about not harassing anyone. However, the two women remain silent about their encounter.