Quinceañeras are a big deal. We all know this. Ranking above your average Sweet 16 and just below a wedding day, the time and money that goes into hosting a great Quinceañera is no joke. That means things cannot go wrong under any circumstances.

However, nothing is perfect. Most parents stress over one thing or another while hosting their daughter’s big day, but some problems are bigger than others. There’s late flower deliveries and then there’s some of the stuff we’re hearing from DJ Lost One on his Quinceañera chisme TikTok.

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DJ Lost One sees it all at this Quinceañera… including evil Damas

One of the DJ’s most popular videos involves a group of Damas who he describes as “pure evil.” He’s not wrong. The story he tells in this wildly popular TikTok, which involves a secret flash drive, is kind of funny but mostly just disturbing.

Basically, the Damas approached him with a flash drive they asked him to play for everybody at the party. As a longtime DJ, he knew he would have to clear it with the family first and decided to give it a look before he broadcast it for everyone to see.

He counts his lucky stars he did because what he found on the laptop was disgusting. He notified the family, who promptly called the police and had all of the Damas arrested. The rest of the party, he says, went off without a hitch, but it was almost much worse than it needed to be.

Check out the full TikTok here:


OH NOOO THE QUINCEÑERA 😢 #chismetiktok #quinceañera #quince

♬ original sound – Dj Lost One

However, that’s not the only chisme on DJ Lost One’s page

That story is just one of many on DJ Lost One’s ongoing series of Quinceañera chisme. There’s the video about an annoying kid getting KO’d not one but two times on the dancefloor.


NOT THE QUINCEÑERA KIDS 😱😱 quinceañera chismetiktok quince

♬ original sound – Dj Lost One

There’s another hilarious one about a Quinceañera crasher getting what he deserves after he tries to propose to his girlfriend at someone else’s party. He didn’t even know the birthday girl in the first place!

The worst, or at the very least most awkward, story revolves around two Quinceañeras forced to share one event space. This one made us physically cringe while watching it, if only because the mental image is so painful.

We could not imagine having to spend the most important day of your young life with a total stranger who is doing the exact same thing. The only reason either of them agreed to do it is because they didn’t have any other choices and the venue did nothing to help them.

Scrolling through DJ Lost One’s page, he has a bunch of hilarious videos covering everything from Mexican mothers to his hot takes on popular Latino customs and debates. You can find videos on the “Edgar haircut,” Vicks, and the ongoing competition between Whiskey and Bourbon.