Less than a month after Peso Pluma received threats from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), Fuerza Regida received threats from the same cartel ahead of their performance in Baja California.

According to reports from the Punto Norte newspaper, a banner hung on a pedestrian bridge in the 20 de Noviembre neighborhood on Monday morning, warned the group that if they dared to perform, it would be their last show.

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“This is for you p*** from Fuerza Regida. We are going to hit you in your *** on October 6 in TJ; it will be the last performance of your b*** life,” the message signed by CJNG said.

Fuerza Regida proceeded to cancel their show, telling fans it’s “beyond” their control

The Mexican group, currently on tour across Mexico and the United States, was set for the concert on October 6. However, they had no choice but to cancel one of their performances, conveying a message to their fans.

“The event in Tijuana got canceled for reasons beyond our control. Thank you very much, my Raza,” they wrote on their Instagram account.

Reports say the root of the threats against the band could be the song “TQM”

The band is known for their corridos tumbados. Many believe one reason that ignited the CJNG’s discontent was a song titled “TQM.”

According to La Vanguardia, the band dedicated this track to Néstor Isidro Pérez Salazar. The man was also known as el Nini, the head of security at Los Chapitos, from the Sinaloa Cartel.

It’s important to highlight that Doble P and the regional group are the only ones being threatened. Allegedly, CJNG sent a message on another bridge directed at municipal officials, Secretary of Government Miguel Ángel Bujanda, and Chief Officer Marcelo Machain.

Also, on August 29, the security team of Fuerza Regida was the target of a shooting attack in a robbery attempt while driving on a highway in Veracruz, Mexico. A bodyguard, Jorge Morales was killed, Univision reported.

Fans are asking the government to take control of these threats, siding with the band and other artists

The band’s fans reacted to the threats and the cancellation of this concert at the Caliente Stadium. Many with messages to the government and the iconic musical group. Some think the government lost control of the country.

“I don’t like their music, but this clarifies that the government lost control of the country, drug traffickers threaten artists not to perform, it’s the last straw, as always the government is incapable of protecting us,” shared an X user.

“It happened to Peso Pluma now, Fuerza Regida. Who’s next, Junior H or Nathaniel Cano,” added another TikTok user.

Others believe that even seeing what is happening, the authorities continue denying the insecurity problem.

“15 days ago, Peso Pluma canceled his Tijuana concert because of the threat of organized crime to kill him if he showed up. Yesterday, the American group Fuerza Regida canceled their concert for the same reason. But the country is at peace, there is security, the rule of law, and we are doing well,” commented another user.

However, many believe that the cancellation was necessary.

“Remember Ciro, that the Fuerza Regida was attacked here on one occasion at the Cumbres de Maltrata, so I think his position of canceling is more than justified,” an X user wrote.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, a user commented, “Smart. Don’t take chances; fans will travel to another city to see you.”