Interracial couples hold a special place in the hearts of social media users and even have their own emoji. A Mexican TikToker went viral thanks to a challenge he gave his fiancée while they were shopping.

In the clip, Jonny Morales, explains to his partner, Anna Claire Jaski, that if she can correctly pronounce the names of items in the store in Spanish, he’ll surprise her.

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“Hey, babe! For every item you can pronounce correctly in Spanish, I will buy it for you,” promised Morales. Of course, Jaski was excited and ready to show him she was up for the challenge.

After hearing her fiancé’s proposition, the American influencer headed to the clothing department, where they asked her how to say “jacket,” and she got it right.

While the American girlfriend succeeded in her first attempt at speaking Spanish, she cleverly improvised the rest

A good wardrobe goes hand in hand with makeup, and Jaski headed to the makeup section to pick out mascara. However, instead of saying “maquillaje,” she told him confidently, “mantequilla.”

In many Latin American countries, people often refer to specific items by brand names, so she did the same. When looking for laundry detergent, she found a fabric softener and called it “Suavitel,” explaining that’s what his mom calls it.

The video ended on a humorous note, as the young woman confused the word “mochila” [backpack] with “cartera” and ingeniously used the handles of the purse as if it was a pack-sac to get her boyfriend to buy it for her.

“We should do this more often. I love shopping in Español,” she said at the end of the video as they walked out of the mall to their car.

This duo shows how their cultural differences bring them closer, and they are ready to say ‘I do’

This video isn’t the first time the couple has playfully shown how they communicate and how their cultural differences bring them together. This year they got engaged on the beach after dating for four years.


looking back on this day and im in tears🥹🤍🫶🏼 @jonnym0rales #fyp #bride #engaged #engagement

♬ original sound – Anna Claire Jaski

In some videos, they share their first experiences with cultural exchanges, like when the fiancé tried chilaquiles for the first time, ordered food in Spanish by herself at a restaurant, or attended her first Quinceañera party.


I was always one of the kids running around at a Quince🏃🏽‍♂️💨 @Anna Claire Jaski #mexican #quince #couple

♬ original sound – Jonny Morales

Morales, as well as making videos, is a medical student with aspirations to follow in his grandmother Adela’s footsteps.

Many are captivated by their love story and adorable relationship

Morales and Jaski know how to blend cultures, one laugh at a time. They’ve gone viral on multiple occasions for their cheeky adventures as a couple.

On Tiktok, some people appreciate Jaski’s effort to be a Spanish speaker:

“But your mom says it is a good argument,” wrote a person. Another one shared: “It’s absolutely Suavitel. Downey is also Suavitel.”

“You’re so cute!! So innocent and confident I love it,” said a person.

On Instagram, a user said: “She’s right with the Suavitel, though. That is what we call it in Mexico City.”

Many loved the ending and her cleverness. “Mochila made me smile and had to give it a heart,” commented a user. 

Meanwhile, another person supported her: “She made the mochila work, and that’s all that matters.”