The “Rebelde” reboot is officially out on Netflix, and it’s safe to say that fans of the 2004 show can’t get over it. If you sang your heart out in the early aughts to absolute bangers like “Sálvame,” “Solo Quédate en Silencio,” and “Un Poco De Tu Amor,” and couldn’t get enough of characters like Mía Colucci played by Anahí or Dulce María’s Roberta Pardo, then let’s just say this new series is just the thing for you.

Just released on January 5, the latest “Rebelde” iteration follows a completely new set of high schoolers at Elite Way School navigating 2022, iPhones and all. As students like Jana, Esteban, M.J. and Luca enter the singing program at the school, they’re catapulted into new romantic relationships, lots of drama, and of course, tons of amazing music including covers by Selena and the O.G. track “Rebelde” we all know and love.

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With the new “Rebelde” series giving us eight delicious episodes chock-full of singing, arguments, secrets, and unexpected romances, viewers have taken to Twitter to share their reactions to the remake. While some are head over heels with the series’ inclusion of LGBTQ+ themes, others can’t stop comparing it to the original version. Ahead, find all the best Twitter reactions to the new series.

1. Fans can’t get enough of Emilia and Andi’s relationship.

Many viewers are applauding the new show’s inclusion of LGBTQ+ topics, highlighted by EWS students Emilia and Andi’s romance. As one Twitter user gushed about, their love takes them from “behind dumpsters to in front of the entire school.” A major “glow up,” indeed.

2. In fact, the fanbase is just excited that queerness is finally part of Rebelde’s canon.

While the original “Rebelde” didn’t really touch on queer identities, this show is deeply open about it and is a true breath of fresh air. As one user puts it, “something i love about #rebelde is that the queer characters don’t have to come out or explain who they are to anyone.” Rather than a big coming out event, “they’re just queer and there’s no big deal with that.” Good music and unproblematic — we love to see it.

3. Still, some viewers can’t help remembering the original early 2000s “Rebelde.”

While the new series brings major upgrades like the inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters and more people of color, some fans just miss the original show with iconic actors like Anahí, Maite Perroni and Christian Chávez. Sure, the telenovela-style drama might be “unmatched,” pero porque no los dos?

4. We’re all freaking out about the music — and getting really nostalgic.

Ever since Netflix dropped this teaser, showcasing the new “Rebelde” cast singing a mellower version of the O.G. “Rebelde” song, our hearts started beating faster waiting for the new series to drop. Yes, we still remember singing, “mientras mi mente viaja a donde tú estás, mi padre grita otra vez” and “y soy rebelde cuando no sigo a los demás” at the top of our lungs in our rooms still in our pajamas — and we might still be doing that now, actually.

5. But live performances like M.J. and Dixon singing “Si Una Vez” take the cake… and truly, M.J. doing just about anything. 

M.J. is a favorite “Rebelde” character for a reason, always speaking her mind, bringing the funny, and did we mention her amazing singing voice?! The actress does our queen Selena justice with her version of “Si Una Vez,” and delivers a line about Bad Bunny that gets us every time. 

6. Sure, some fans aren’t loving the reboot.

Okay, so we can’t all be on the same page, and some viewers aren’t liking this version at all. Several fans took offense at Jana’s comment against love interest Esteban Colucci, which was really a dig against Anahi’s character Mia Colucci, his aunt. Saying, “just because you’re a Colucci doesn’t mean you have to act like one,” major Mia fans were taken aback by that line. Meanwhile, others just think it’s “cringe.”

7. But whether you prefer the O.G. or the reboot, we’re already planning our “Rebelde” themed Halloween costumes.

No matter your “Rebelde” preference, whether you keep it Y2K or 2022, we can all agree that a RBD-themed costume or dress-up day is always a good idea. Fans are already planning Halloween around the theme, making inspo boards including cowboy hats, booties, prep school ties, and lots of star stickers. 

8. Fans also can’t get enough of M.J. and Dixon… and that infamous Jana and Esteban scene.

While Emilia and Andi’s relationship is one of the most heartwarming on the show, the other romances are just as swoon-worthy. First off, we have sweet M.J. and Colombian rapper hopeful Dixon, who fans adore for his “protective” nature. Jana and Esteban have had their fair share of ups and downs, and no fan can forget one very specific comment she made towards him — we would probably still be crying.

9. All in all, old and new fans alike are loving the show — and the original is getting even more traction now.

We all might have our different opinions about the new show, but there’s no denying it’s majorly addictive and binge-worthy. Bubblegum-pop songs, lots of drama and romance… what else could we ask for? All about early 2000s nostalgia, we’re definitely searching original “Rebelde” episodes on YouTube after this.