The epic Mister Global pageant finally made its way back into our lives after a two-year break due to the pandemic, and let’s just say it came back with full force.

Including 33 men each representing different countries, the pageant features several components, such as a swimsuit competition. While Mister Global hands out several awards for categories like “Mister Global Congeniality Award” and even “The Best Charming Smile Award,” the winner of the competition was none other than Spain’s Miguel Ángel Lucas.

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Still, the best part of Mister Global? The national costumes.

This year’s national costumes were absolutely jaw-dropping, and we have to say that Latinos took the cake with super-intricate beading and embroidery, and unexpected ideas. We love all these costumes — and are feeling very orgullosos right about now.

1. Venezuela

Contestant Juan Carlos Da Silva placed third runner up, and chose a national costume symbolizing his country’s flag.

2. Puerto Rico

Carlos Jomar explained in an Instagram post that he chose this costume to represent “El Jíbaro” of Puerto Rico, a term used to describe rural farm workers, making sure to include a straw hat.

3. Peru

Daniel Jares chose an epic, gold costume that many viewed as symbolizing the Inca Empire. One Instagram user commented: “Peru should also win best in national costume.”

4. Panama

Meanwhile, Javier Vasquez said he chose his costume to “showcase the culture and art” of indigenous communities.

5. Mexico

Mexico’s Gabriel Ortiz wore an intricate, embroidered costume in pink and blue with feathers, and we still can’t get over his headpiece.

6. Ecuador

With one of the grandest costumes in the competition, Ecuador’s Fabricio Caicedo wore a costume complete with beading, illustrations, and peacock feathers.

7. Dominican Republic

Ariel Morales showed off his Dominican style with an outfit that paid homage to colonial times.

8. Cuba

Cuba’s Yaniel Ogando went for a modern approach to his national costume, opting for a guayabera and a straw hat.

9. Brazil

Bruno Silva’s costume incorporated leather and suede, which as one Instagram user wrote, is a surefire part of northeastern Brazilian tradition.

10. Bolivia

Bolivia’s Sergio Daniel donned sequins, feathers, beads, and a headpiece that seemed to pay tribute to his country’s indigenous communities.

11. USA

Lastly, United States’ contestant DJ Davids wrote on his Instagram that his national costume was of a “soaring liberty warrior,” piecing together themes like a bald eagle, American football and the Statue of Liberty.