In an interview with “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” star Tenoch Huerta, which was recently reposted by a fan account on TikTok, the actor has once again explained the significance of having a brown-skinned Latino star in a big-budget movie that will be seen by millions of people.

Huerta has more or less turned the “Wakanda Forever” press tour into a platform for him to discuss issues of race and culture in Mexico with the same passion he’s had since the beginning of his career.

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The actor has been openly criticizing cultural norms in popular movies for years now and starring in a Disney movie has not slowed him down one bit. In this particular interview, Huerta speaks directly to the kids who will watch this movie having never seen themselves represented on-screen.

“It’s not common in Mexico, Latin America, that a brown-skinned guy could be the main character and have a lead role in movies,” he said. “Then I jumped to the United States and I did it here and it’s powerful and deep.”

Huerta goes on to explain how he hopes younger viewers of color will be able to identify with the character in a way that they may have previously not been able to.

“I’d just say to them, ‘You know, guys…nothing [is] wrong with you,'” he said. “‘It was in the eyes of the people that was looking at you, but not in you. Not in your skin, not in your roots, not in your blood, not in your history.'” He ends by telling the kids to “feel proud.”

The actor has been praised on social media for utilizing his platform to spread awareness of colorism in the entertainment industry whenever possible, as well as his ability to inspire younger audience members who want to see themselves represented more on-screen.

“This is a powerful message for Mexicans,” wrote one commenter. “I never saw a man who looked like my own father on TV or in a movie.” Another commenter agreed, writing, “Little brown girl in me needed to hear this so much!”

Some fans are praising not only Huerta’s rhetoric but his performance in the new “Black Panther” film. “He was excellent in the movie. I need a Namor solo movie,” a commenter wrote. “A good movie with a great script. One of the best antagonist[s] alongside Thanos.”

In its first weekend, “Wakanda Forever” has already racked up $330 million at the global box office, with estimates saying it could easily find itself close to $2 billion when all is said and done.

Although critics have debated whether the film works without star Chadwick Boseman, who passed away from colon cancer in 2020, Huerta’s performance has been universally praised as one of the film’s best.