A Los Angeles court granted Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, 51, a five year restraining order against her alleged stalker, Gregory Aaron Brown, 34, last week.

Vergara requested the maximum restraining order against Brown after he reportedly trespassed near her Los Angeles home several times. As per the court documents, the stalker showed his “fixation” and “obsession” with Vergara, and even believed to have a “romantic and familial relationship with her and her son,” Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, 32.

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The December 13 hearing comes after Vergara requested a temporary restraining order for herself and her son against Brown in November.

Ahead, find everything to know about Vergara’s harrowing ordeal with her reportedly “mentally unstable stalker,” including receiving a “disturbing letter” from him and fearing for her safety.

Court documents state that the alleged stalker had a “fixation” on and “obsession” with Vergara

As per Independent, Vergara has dealt with her alleged stalker Brown’s “frightening” behavior for years. In fact, a court convicted Brown of vandalism in connection to one of Vergara’s properties back in 2021. After his conviction, he spent 32 months in prison.

However, it seems that following his release, Brown continued to pursue the “Modern Family” actress. In fact, Brown reportedly hiked near Vergara’s Los Angeles home while still on parole in July 2023. Vergara’s restraining order request revealed that Brown tried to get through her home’s security, and even shouted, “[Sofia Vergara] is mine.”

Court documents state that the alleged stalker attempted trespassing the actress’s home “repeatedly.” The testimony also attested, “He delusionally believes he personally knows her, and has a romantic and familial relationship with her and her son, which he does not.”

While noting Brown’s “long-time fixation” on and obsession” with the “Griselda” star, the documents explained: “At times, Brown has stated Petitioner [Vergara] ‘belongs’ to him.”

While Vergara was not present at the December 13 court hearing, her long-time manager and business partner, Luis Balaguer, served as a witness.

As per the star’s legal team, the reported stalker posed “credible threat of violence and imminent danger to her.”

The actress revealed that the ordeal caused her “constant anxiety”

While Vergara was not present in court this time around, documents explain that Brown’s “aggressive and harassing conduct” has caused the actress “constant anxiety.”

Calling Brown’s behavior “seriously alarming, annoying and harassing,” Vergara described the ordeal as “extremely distressing.” She also noted how it caused her “anxiety and emotional distress.”

Apart from listing “extremely frightening” incidents like Brown allegedly attempting to trespass her home, Vergara also revealed the letter she received from him.

As per TMZ, the “disturbing” letter read, “He’ll be seeing and hearing her very soon, my love.”

Moreover, Vergara reportedly had even more reason to fear for her safety. As per documents obtained by TMZ, Brown allegedly has several “violent offenses” on his record. Meanwhile, as per Yahoo, Vergara’s court filing described him as “a violent felon.”

That being said, Los Angeles Judge Christine J. Gonong granted Vergara’s restraining order request, ordering Brown to stay 100 yards away from her and her son at all times.

According to Yahoo, the alleged stalker must now “stay at least 100 yards away from the protected person,” as well as their “home,” “job or workplace,” “vehicle,” and “additional protected persons.”

The five year restraining order also states that Brown cannot “harass, intimidate, molest, attack, strike, stalk, threaten, assault (sexually or otherwise), hit, abuse, destroy the personal property of, or disturb the peace of the person.”