Latinos have long held an important place within baseball history and the Smithsonian is honoring that legacy. ‘Pleibol’ is a new exhibit in the National Museum of American History that will highlight Latinos in baseball.

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History has a new exhibit all about Latinos in baseball.

“¡Pleibol! In the Barrios and the Big Leagues / En los barrios y las grandes ligas” is an exhibit that will show people the contribution Latinos have made to America’s greatest pastime. The exhibit will tell the stories of the most influential Latinos in baseball as well as displaying artifacts. One of the artifacts, according to the Smithsonian Magazine, is a handmade ball from Cuba made from wrapping tape around a solid core.

The collection was painstakingly put together from the community.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, curator Margaret N. Salazar-Porizo spent six years carefully collecting the various artifacts on display in the exhibit. She spent that time traveling to various parts of the country in search these baseball artifacts by going to small, local meetings about these players and community.

“The community-driven aspect of it is what I’m most proud of,” Margaret N. Salazar-Porizo told Smithsonian Magazine.

There is a digital component to the exhibit to give people a chance to experience it from anywhere.

For fans of baseball who cannot make it to the museum, a smaller version of the exhibit will be available online. The museum is working with the Smithsonian Institution Digitization Program Office to digitize 16 piece of the collection using augmented reality. You can click here to set the scannable code for the digital experience.

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