In this era of quarantine and social distancing, it’s more important than ever to remember those people that are still giving it their all. From nurses to grocery store workers, street food vendors, mail carriers and working moms. we want to make sure these essential workers get the attention they deserve. Because while some of them didn’t have the option to work from home, they have been tirelessly and selflessly working for home.

So to give them the recognition they deserve, we’ve partnered with Dunkin’ and we’re going to show these “Work For Home” Heroes some love! These are the people who are out there every day, making a difference, or holding it down at home and doing it all for their families, even during a pandemic; somebody who really deserves a good cup of cafecito to get them moving in the morning.

We asked our mitú staffers to nominate some of their own “Work For Home” Heroes and they jumped at the chance to shout out the special people in their lives:

Erick, Maria, Oscar and Edith – Nominated by Diego

“My Work For Home Heroes are my cuñados and cuñadas: Erick, Maria, Oscar & Edith. They are essential workers who supply grocery stores with food, work in healthcare and for local government. Since the quarantine began they have been going out into the world day in and day out to make sure people are getting the care and services they need, all while taking care of their kids and their families. I really admire all of them for their tireless work ethic and compassion, and I’m so proud to be a part of their family.”

Mauricio – Nominated by Jenny

“I nominate my dad Mauricio for being the incredible man that he is. He is a mechanic and a small business owner. Not only is he an essential worker, but he is an essential person to our family. He is an extraordinary father to me and my brother and an amazing husband to my mom. I appreciate him for all the sacrifices he makes for us and for always thinking about us. He says we are his motivation. He does it for his familia. I am so blessed for this man that I can’t even describe in words how much I appreciate him. He most definitely deserves a cup of cafecito in the morning and more. Lo quiero mucho.”

Kim – Nominated by Josue

“I nominate my beautiful supermodel wife, Kimberly, for being a working from home mom. Our daughter was born right in the middle of social distancing. My wife recently went back to work, after being on maternity leave, and it’s torture. It seems dumb, because my suegra is watching the baby for us in the other room, but neither of us like being separated from her. Any time my wife gets a break or lunch, she runs over and kisses the baby like she just got back from being out at sea. It’s very dramatic and emotional. But that’s essentially what being a parent during these times feels like.”

Carmen – Nominated by Stephany

“My mom Carmen started teaching 3+ decades ago, and from her very first class to her current one, she has always gone above and beyond for her students. I have seen my mom grow in her career, from a novice teacher to a seasoned maestra. I have seen her many students and parents come and go, but they all say the same thing: my mom is their favorite teacher! During these current times, I understand her job is very important and I know the type of teacher she is. She will give her students 250% and find ways to make sure her students receive the best education she can offer. So to me, her job is very important… even though I selfishly want her to stay safe at home!”

These are the heroes that our staffers want to thank for everything they do, but together with Dunkin’, we want to extend this movement to the rest of our mitú familia. 

If you have a “Work For Home” Hero in your life who could use some love and a little cafecito, email us at with their picture and a few words about why they are your hero. We’ll feature some of these heroes on the mitú platform, so send them our way!

Let’s show the world the heroes we have in our community! Heroes who never quit, heroes who always get the job done, heroes who keep America running.